The Human Auric Field, Chakras System and Kundalini

This article by Kevin Warrington serves as a brief introduction
to the Auric Field and gives a personal look at Auric Healing.

The Aura is the energy field surrounding all life forms, including the human body. This vital energy field is quite large (say 4 metres in diameter) when fully functional. In it’s basic form, it embodies seven major layers powered through seven major energy centers called Chakras and is energized by the Kundalini which is the storehouse of Vital energy situated at the base of the spine. Vital energy should flow naturally up the spine with some energy radiating out of each Chakra with most rising through the Crown Chakra at the top of the head.

It then showers through the Auric Field to be reabsorbed through the Chakras and returned to the Kundilini.
During this process, Universal Energy is also absorbed into the body creating a state of energy, joy and personal growth. A walk in the forest after it has been raining or along a beach energizes us by this method. Auric Healing is very holistic. The seven major layers are attributed to the seven states or bodies of our psyche with the inner three being the Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies. There are many people in need of emotional healing and coordination of these bodies is very beneficial to our well-being. A broken bone will mend faster when the patient’s mental and emotional state is conducive towards a good repair job being carried out by the Hospital staff.
The outer four bodies, Will/Spirit, Soul and the Divine, are more Spiritual dealing with relationships. Here clarity and coordination of the bodies improve personal growth, building wisdom, inner strength and inner peace.

The Aura is a living, pulsing, ever changing energy field, which changes as quickly as our moods.

Many Auras are damaged by pollution, negativity, injury, trauma, etc. It is not unusual to repair an injury site years after it healed in the physical body.


Present as rotating coloured cones, made up of a number of smaller energy vortexes or spirals. Energy flows in and out simultaneously. Each Chakra rotes at a different rate embodying a color, musical note and a scent. Crystals, symbols and token animals etc. are also attributed to each Chakra.

Chakras are often blocked by negative influences or blown completely open by toxic chemicals and drugs.


There are a number of almost major energy centers, for example, the liver, spleen, etc. and these together with a vast number of minor energy points are called Nardies. Nardies occur at the intersecting points of the energy lines in the Auric Web or Aura.

Please note the interconnections of the energy lines indicating the interconnection of our many and various ills. Locating and removing a blockage in this system has many benefits and allows a whole section to fire up. It’s rather like turning on the lights of a Christmas tree. Rents or tears leak Vital energy out of this Auric system leading to fatigue.


Auric Healing seeks to redress this situation by restoring the natural process and balance.

There are many different ways to carry out auric healing and I begin my work by sealing the Aura to prevent further leakage and then clean both the Chakras and the Auric Field. “Black negative blockages” are removed and replaced with a clear white light energy or another appropriate color (each colour indicates a different frequency of energy). The layers are then rebalanced and harmonized with the Chakras. I finish off with a protective field to sustain the client.

Clients often sense this healing energy as a warmth or a coolness or sometimes as an internal breeze. Some perceive colours or sounds. I personally work some distance away from my client’s physical body. There is nothing to take except water as this work induces thirst in both the healer and the client.

Auric Healing is compatible with any medication, treatment or therapy as it is designed to aid the bodies recovery on many levels. All healing is at the perfect rate. My aim is to energise my clients so that they can heal themselves.

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