Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn In Relationships

Reserved and dignified you do not give your favors lightly, but when you feel sure enough of your ground, you delight in living up to the randy reputation of the Goat. Conservative Capricorn, a feminine (yin) sign ruled by staid Saturn (but, remember, the exaltation of heady Mars), makes you cautious and calculating in the early stages, but dynamic and voracious when properly roused.

The conflict between the feminine elemental power of the sign and the masculine energies of the planetary forces generates enough steam to run a power station. So in a relationship, Capricorn is a slow starter, but proves to be an explosive performer and a long-lasting and loyal companion. You are quite skilled with people, once you overcome your initial reserve. Painfully shy as a youngster, you grow out of this as you approach middle age, when your careful cultivation of social skills and control begins to bear fruit.

Ambitious Capricorn, while somewhat risk-averse, has an appetite for life and all its pleasures. Your need to climb the social ladder and obtain material recognition can interfere to some degree with your relationships, but with the right person (who shares your interests and is not put off by your fears and insecurities) you blossom into a remarkably fine companion – and a satisfying sexual partner.

You learn to conceal your vulnerability beneath a confident veneer of career fixation and material success, but passionate Mars is always bubbling just below the surface. When the veneer is pierced, the passion flows like lava from a volcano.

In the art of lovemaking, Capricorn is enthusiastic and adventurous when aroused, but can be possessive and jealous when threatened. Partners can sometimes be overwhelmed by the intensity of your passion, coming as it does from beneath such a cool exterior. In marriage you are loyal, a good provider and develop a strong home environment, although you should allow yourself the pleasure of a more relaxed and informal relationship with the

Week 1

You should focus on moneymaking matters and stay away from emotional disputes. You should be trying to clear up legal contracts that have been pending. You may find that your boss is not delighted with your work lately. Your ability to add a sophisticated touch will help you capture the look you’re after.

Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.

Week 2

Having your own business is a good idea. Business trips might prove unproductive. Set a limit on the amount you’re willing to spend, and be sure to stick to it. Consider making pleasure trips or participating in entertainment that will require energy.

Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.

Week 3

You can dazzle members of the opposite sex with your quick wit and aggressive charm. Don’t hesitate to voice your opinions at a group meeting; however, keep your thoughts to yourself at home. Read between the lines when signing contracts. Your main concern will be to spend as little as possible of your own cash in the process.

Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.

Week 4

Spend a quiet day with the one you love. You can get your point across and make valuable connections. Don’t let your emotions interfere with your professional integrity. Entertain in your home and make aesthetic enhancements that will please those who reside with you.

Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.

Let your lover know what your personal intentions are. Be prepared to lose friends or alienate loved ones due to your stubborn nature lately. Property investments, insurance, taxes, or inheritance should bring you financial gains. Your unique approach to life will interest others.

Seventy to 80 percent of the planets are now above the Horizon. You are able to be who you really are – ambitious, career-oriented, successful in the outer world. This is Capricorn heaven. Another month of good career progress, and many of the trends that I wrote of last month are still in effect. Let go of family issues and focus on the career. This is probably the best way to serve your family these days. Your willingness to travel is important to your career – and advances your career.

Most of the planets are in the independent East (this shift began last month), and so you are more able to go solo and to change undesirable conditions. Other people are always important, but it is time to follow your own personal path to happiness. If they don’t go along, go it on your own. They will come around to your view eventually.

Saturn is re-stimulating the Lunar Eclipse point of August 28th all month. This can bring detoxes of the physical body – especially if you haven’t been careful in dietary matters. But it also brings a redefinition of the self, the self-image and personal appearance. By the time the month is over, you will be adopting a new ‘look’.

With Saturn opposing your Financial Planet for the next two and a half years, many of you are torn between following educational or travel interests, and the practical need to earn money. You can’t go overboard one way or the other. Try to incorporate a little bit of both. Yes, you’ve got to earn your living, but you can also set aside time for travel and education. Those of you who are traveling can’t go too overboard here either – financial issues need your attention. The correct way is somewhere in the middle.

Mars is now firmly in your 7th House of Love and Romance, and the trends I wrote of last month are still in effect. There is a way to be aggressive without being a ‘caveman’ or ‘cavewoman’. Some of you want to just sweep the object of your fancy off his or her feet. Learning the delicate balance is one of the lessons now. Family members are supporting your social goals and perhaps playing Cupid. Power struggles are the main dangers to a current relationship (business or romantic.). A flirtation or temptation after the 8th could also endanger a current relationship.

Health improves after the 23rd. But the Retrograde of your Health Planet, Mercury, on the 12th suggests caution in making major changes to your diet or health regime. Health is enhanced by paying more attention to the sexual organs, colon and bladder (until the 24th), and to the kidneys and hips (after the 24th). Detox regimes are stronger before the 24th. Safe sex is more important before the 24th as well.

Job-seekers and employers need more caution after the 12th. Jobs might not be what they seem, and CV’s might be deceptive, or not everything they seem.

Earnings are much stronger after the 23rd, but with your Financial Planet still Retrograde, study deals and investments carefully.

With Pluto moving through your 12th House for many years now, spirituality has been important in your life. This year, this area is even more important. But this year, these pursuits will be happy and you will see the spiritual pay-off to your years of effort.

Most of the long-term planets are either in harmonious aspect to you or leaving you alone. Health should be good. Overall vitality also looks good.

Your financial life has been important and exciting. You have taken many leaps into the ‘unknown’ and it has been fun – but unstable. This trend continues in the year ahead, but the sense that I get is that the coming year is merely preparation for the new era of prosperity that will begin later in the year. It’s as if you need to get inwardly prepared for it – psychologically and spiritually.

University-bound students or applicants to graduate school should hear good news on these fronts after September 2nd. You have a great interest in higher education; and success usually follows interest.

Your most important areas of interest in the year ahead are spirituality, finance, communication, and intellectual interests, the deeper things of life, sex, life and death, life after death, reincarnation, occult studies, sex and personal transformation (until September 2nd).

Your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power this year, and thus you have little interest here. The Cosmos is basically giving you a free hand in this department. But we seldom exercise our freedom when we have no interest. Generally, this shows a status-quo kind of year.

From November 15th to the end of the year, is not a time for closing on a house, making important family decisions or buying big-ticket items for the home. Best to research all these things and act on them later – in 2008.

From September 28th to the end of the year, there are unusual family happenings. There could be weddings within the family, and more family gatherings. You are meeting someone who is like family to you. Family members are playing Cupid in your life. This could also show a redecoration/beautification of the home. All of the above are likely.

If you plan to do heavy construction in the home, March 21st to April 20th, and May 15th to June 24th are good times. If you plan to beautify the home, or entertain from home, February 21st to March 17th, and September 28th to November 15th are good times.

Your 7th House of Love and Romance is not a House of Power this year. Neither is the 11th House of Friendships. You seem satisfied with the way things are and have no need to make major changes or pay undue attention to this area. Usually, this shows a status-quo kind of year. Marrieds will tend to stay married, singles will tend to stay single.

Even in a slow social year there are periods that are more active than usual, and this year these are May 8th to June 5th, June 21st to July 23rd, and September 28th to the end of the year.

You are more independent and self-willed this year (and this will get even stronger later in the year) and have less of a need to compromise. You are able to get your way and, if others don’t go along, you continue on your own. Sometimes with these aspects people feel that they don’t need friends, and so give less attention to this side of their lives.

If your current marriage is your second one, the relationship will get tested in the year ahead. Two Eclipses will happen in the House of the Second Marriage, and Saturn will move into this House on September 2nd. These testings are not always pleasant, but the end result is good. If love is true, if the relationship is based on something solid, it will survive and even thrive. But if the relationship has fundamental flaws, or is based on impure motives, it can dissolve. The stress of the Eclipses and the Saturn transit will reveal all these things, and so the appropriate steps will have to be made.

Singles working towards their second marriage will need patience in the year ahead. You seem very proactive socially – you are out there looking – and the law is ‘Seek and ye shall find’ (not maybe, but shall). Even so, you should not be in a hurry to tie the knot, but to let love develop slowly and organically, as it will.

Singles working towards a third marriage have a very powerful opportunity towards the end of the year – November and December. Either there is an actual marriage or you meet someone who fits the bill.

(This period is also good for relationships – whatever marriage you are on, you are sure to meet new and important friends.)

Finance and career are always important to you, Capricorn, but this year finance seems more important than career.

There is a very strong connection between communication/media and your finances in the year ahead (and coming years). Much depends on the stage of life you are in. You are earning wth your mind and with your communication skills, and not so much with your body or hands. On a personal level this favors teaching, writing, lecturing, journalism, advertising, PR, sales and marketing. Even if you are in a business that seems alien to these things, chances are that sales, marketing and a good use of the media (both print and electronic) are very important to your bottom line in the year ahead. It is very important these days to get the word out about your product or service. The more people know about it the more money you make.

Often with these aspects, even if you are in a business seemingly unrelated to communication or media, these kinds of people tend to play a role in finances – perhaps as good customers or advisors.

Professional investors are doing more trading than usual. They don’t sit on positions for too long, but are constantly in and out. This kind of behavior is generally un-Capricorn-like. By temperament you are a long-term investor, but not these days. Also it is good for you to look at media, internet, telecom and transport companies as investments. Whether you are on the long side or short side is irrelevant – this is up to you and up to the conditions of the marketplace. The important thing is that you have a good intuition about these kinds of companies and are likely to do the right thing. Your judgment is good.

There is also a strong spiritual connection with finances in the year ahead. First off, you are all more charitable and philanthropic these days. You are learning about the spiritual laws of affluence – what we call the ‘supernatural supply’ – rather than the material laws of affluence. For a down-to-earth Capricorn this is indeed a big lesson. And it will go on for some years ahead. Many of you already understand these things, but your understanding will deepen in the coming years – you will see the ‘nuances’ in the spiritual supply, the twists and the turns, all the subtleties of spiritual affluence.

Earnings will tend to be unstable. When they come in they can exceed all expectations. But when things are slow they are slower than usual. It is during these slow times, these low times, that your understanding of the laws of spiritual affluence will become more important. There is a need to see where wealth really comes from and to trust and connect up to that source.

As I mentioned, this is a year of preparation for long-term prosperity. This period technically begins on December 18th of this year, but probably you will feel it more in 2008 and 2009. As you grasp the real and true laws of affluence – and it probably takes a year to absorb and digest them – the effect of this understanding will start to manifest in practical ways.



ARIES – Not A Match Made In Heaven

While in a rare practical mood Aries could find himself, or herself, caught up in a romantic rush over the Capricornian, who exhibits an ambitious frame of mind and the independence that matches Aries’ own. Capricorn will be attracted to the vitality and strength of character that she or he detects in the energetic Aries. The Arian warmth appeals greatly to the Capricorn.

They are in for a rude awaking though, as they will find that the time Capricorn gives to his business and ambitions could cause the uncharacteristic behavior in Aries of jealousy, which he or she is not prepared for. Aries feels there is more to living than just a constant involvement with work or club meetings, etc., and will let his or her feelings be known quickly.

Capricorn is a simple soul and Aries may be too overwhelming; Aries will take risks and enjoy them, while the same risks will make Capricorn shudder. Some very violent quarrels can erupt due to this and the many other personality conflicts. Aries will not like the pessimistic gloom that Capricorns use to dampen the Arians enthusiasms.

Capricorn is a good strong lover, although not highly sexed, and will become angry if his or her advances are met with what the Capricornian considers to be a flimsy excuse. In certain relationships, the goat and the ram can accept each other’s faults and build from there, but it is not likely to be a long term thing. This match, if serious, cries out for a relationship reading in order to work around the weakness and use the strengths of each sign. Not a match made in heaven.

How do you see Aries? As bright and breezy and exciting to be with…but what about when the routine starts to set in and Aries feels the urge to roam?

How does your Aries partner see you? As someone who’ll bring stability and security into their life, but they fear you could sometimes be too practical and materialistic for their idealistic ways.

How to make things better: Show that you have a wonderful sense of humor when you’re prepared to stop worrying about what might happen tomorrow. Let your hair down once in a while.

TAURUS – A Match Made In Heaven

Capricorn may not appear to be ambitious or even intelligent at first, but these qualities Taurus easily sees as the relationship progresses; as well as a strong dominating streak in his/her nature. Capricorn will want to share all of Taurus’ worries and fears, which his/her keen senses quickly notice. They are better able to understand each others feelings, depressions, and sense of humor due to a natural empathy that exists between them.

Taurus and Capricorn both need to have stability in their home life, enabling them to feel secure and loved. Capricorn does not have the ability to express the self well, and this may be confusing to Taurus, who eventually realizes that actions speak louder than all the pretty speeches in the world.

Life could run smoothly in this love match, but the fly in the ointment will be when Taurus does something terribly extravagant that will disturb the cautious and wary nature of Capricorn. Capricorn being on the quiet side, “still water runs deep”, makes a good companion for home loving Taurus, and if satisfaction is experienced in the domestic area these two could be inseparable.

Capricorn’s sexual appetite can be either over-indulgent, or he/she may abstain altogether if affected by outside pressures. Taurus will need to be sensitive to Capricorn’s tension, and be willing to discus it and ease his burden of guilt he/she may feel because of it. This is a very good relationship as Taurus is well equipped to deal with Capricorn, and vice versa. This is a match made in Heaven.

How do you see Taurus? As a perfect blend of soulmate and helpmate. You recognize that Taurus will put as much effort as you into making this relationship work on every level.

How does your Taurus partner see you? In vertually the same way, although Taurus is slightly concerned that their sensuality could somtimes distract you from your workaholic ways.

How to make things better: Relax and enjoy the bliss of building a relationship with someone who has their feet almost as firmly on the ground as you do.

GEMINI – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Capricorn, reserved, serious, and practical, places much emphasis on his/her career, and Gemini would be very smart to cultivate an interest in it, as not to do so will shut him/her out of a big part of Capricorn’s life. Listening to Capricorn’s problems may be a little hard for a talker such as Gemini, but this too is necessary to ease the tensions that accumulate.

Capricorn will have to still some restless tendencies that continually churns around on the inside. Gemini’s understanding and listening to him/her could very well give him/her the strength to control this. Capricorn is thrifty and thinks of saving for the future, while Gemini lives, and spends for the moment. These basic differences must be brought out and discussed, as it will take more than love to overcome them.

In order for the sexual relationship to be a success, Gemini will have to distract Capricorn’s mind from his/her career and the problems that go with it. Since this involves a lot of extra effort, Gemini is apt to think it beneath him/her as he/she is accustomed to being the object of desire, and beyond the normal amount of trying, Gemini may not venture. This union is a lot of hard work; a match not made in Heaven.

How do you see Gemini? As a fascinating and delightful companion who would never bore you. But you’re scared you’d never be able to keep up with their pace, and you fear they might get tired of you.

How does your Gemini partner see you? As the tower of strength they know would be good for them; but they’re not quite sure if they want to feel tied down in any way.

How to make things better: Enjoy what you have between you and don’t spend quite so much time thinking about the future. Always try to keep Gemini mentally stimulated.

CANCER – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Capricorn, male or female, is likely to be involved in a career which will take most of his/her time and attention. Cancer must prepare to accept the excess time that is given to this career, as Capricorn will naturally expect it. Cancer is the type that demands a lot of attention, and if he/she does not get it they are likely to pout for days. Pouting will not even be noticed by Capricorn, as he/she is too busy planning ahead on his/her career performance.

Since Capricorn is so absorbed in his/her own affairs, Cancer will come to regard his/her mate as a crashing bore. Capricorn, in turn, feels that Cancer should put some of that sensitive, emotional instincts to work in his/her own career, thus making Cancer less dependent on him/her, emotionally as well as financially.

Both are good money managers and are unlikely to have many financial problems. Waste is an offense to Capricorn, as is extravagance. Capricorn is a faithful and devoted mate which the more positive type of Cancer can be content with, even if life does get a little boring at times.

Capricorn enjoys reading and studying in bed and this can interfere with their sex life. Cancer will have to do the seducing to get his/her mind off the job and back in the bed. This is a relationship that could possibly be made to last with a lot of hard work, but it is not a match made in Heaven.

How do you see Cancer? As someone to share the perfect domestic set-up with you. One part of you loves to feel so protected, the other feels that so much sentimentality could distract your from your work.

How does your Cancer partner see you? As someone to watch over them when they eventually get home from work! They’re delighted to meet someone as security conscious as they are.

How to make things better: Accept the fact that deep down you have a great deal in common with your opposite sign of the Zodiac and don’t fight it!

LEO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

These personalities are worlds apart in the area of everyday life. Leo loves clothes, the very best furniture, and is always seeking status symbols of life. Capricorn could not care less about these things, as the simple life is more attractive, and saving for the future is paramount with this sign. The style that Leo must put on for ‘show’ will make the simplest outing seem like it costs a fortune to Capricorn; this is the source of most of their woes.
Capricorn has periods of wanting to be alone, especially when he/she feels under too much pressure, or the arguments get too intense; sometimes disappearing for days while Leo wildly searches, only to walk in unconcerned over the furor he/she has caused. A few times like this could wreck the nerves of highstrung Leo! Capricorn will hardly ever see the brighter side of life, while Leo is a cock-eyed optimist; this could keep them at odds over the most minor things.

About sex; Leo approaches it in a light hearted, fun loving manner, but Capricorn is straightlaced and serious. Given enough time he/she may loosen up a bit in the bedroom, but don’t bank on it. Leo’s wish for what Capricorn considers an overindulgent amount of sex , and Capricorn is irritated by this, as he/she believes in moderation of all things. This is not a match made in Heaven.

How do you see Leo? You’re worried that Leo is too much of a party-goer to ever settle down to a permanent relationship with someone as committed as you.

How does your Leo partner see you? As the Rock of Gibraltar but they wonder if you have the exuberance for life that they have.

How to make things better: Enjoy the prospect of forgetting all about work once in a while, and never forget to give Leo plenty of praise and compliments when they’re due.

VIRGO – A Match Made In Heaven

The attraction between these two in the beginning could be a strongly physical one, and similar attitudes on financial affairs and other things will only serve to deepen their bond as the relationship matures. Capricorn or Virgo can go far in a chosen field of endeavor, as the other will encourage and aid their efforts willingly and with all his/her resources. Each of them realizes that the other’s career is all important to them both, and will not stint on the encouragement.

Capricorn is prone to having some black depressions, and Virgos changeability may cause Virgo to feel that Capricorn should be able to shake these off and keep going, so if nagging is resorted to in these times, then Capricorn is apt to sink so deep in the depression that he/she may disappear for a few days just to ‘get it together again’; Virgo should avoid all critical nagging at these times. The area of making friends with others may also cause some problems, as Capricorn is impressed by power and position, while Virgo disdains these things, and judges by personality and temperaments.

Sexually, one is a good match for the other as their world does not revolve around the physical relationship as with some signs; their union is one of closeness and love. They both tend to faithfulness, so jealousy may never be a problem for them. This is a very good match; a match made in Heaven.

How do you see Virgo? As the perfect partner in so many ways that you’re determined they will find nothing to criticize in you.

How does your Virgo partner see you? AS someone to share life’s ups and downs – two kindred spirits working towards a common goal.

How to make things better: Start to become more optimistic, and be happy that Virgo cares as much about total security as you do.

LIBRA – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Capricorn is an organized individual, and in some instances this may appeal to Libra, who could be resting between hectic love affairs. Libra makes a good host or hostess to entertain the people Capricorn will be wooing in his/her rise to fortune in his/her chosen career, and this trait is greatly admired by the hardworking Capricornian. For awhile, this situation will be alright with Libra, until he/she begins to feel tied down and stifled, needing the excitement of others to make his/her life more enjoyable. At this point, Libra can become disenchanted with the whole relationship.

Capricorn can border on the fanatic in his/her handling of the finances, saving and planning for the future, foregoing small (and large) pleasures for the sake of acquiring a bigger bank balance, which represents security to him/her. The easy come, easy go attitude of Libra cannot begin to understand this aspect of Capricorn, much less abide by his/her financial rules.

Libra expects his/her love to be verbalized and will need many declarations from his/her lover in order to believe it. This the Capricorn is not good at doing, and eventually he/she will accuse him/her of not really being in love, of being cold and hard hearted. The Capricorns attitude towards work will also produce problems for them, as Libra will find it hard to get his/her mind off work and onto anything else.

Capricorn will even bring his/her work to bed, literally, and it will be up to Libra to distract him/her long enough for sexual relations to take place. A sign such as Libra is not about to put up with this for very long before greener pastures are sought out. Not a match made in Heaven.

How do you see Libra? As being a little too laid-back sometimes, but all that charm and diplomacy goes a long way towards alleviating your doubts.

How does your Libra partner see you? As someone who will always be dependable, but they wonder if you could be too staid and rigid in your outlook on a long-term basis.

How to make things better: Don’t assume that you will have to do all the work. Libra might have bouts of laziness and an easy-going disposition, but don’t underestimate them.

SCORPIO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Scorpio’s need for peace and quiet may be the catalyst that brings them together in the beginning, while Capricorn is attracted to what he/she believes to be a fairly uncomplicated person. When the true nature of Scorpio begins to get through to Capricorn he/she finds the strength of his/her emotions to be staggering. When Scorpio finds that Capricorn’s main focus of attention is on career concerns, he/she is apt to become jealous and demanding in a big way. Financial security takes top priority in both their lives, so this should not become a sore spot for them.

They can reach an agreement on a stable homelife and financial matters, but little else, as the personalities here are too widely diverse to support a long term relationship. Should Scorpio try to force his/her personal views on Capricorn, or try any of the other controlling ploys, Capricorn will soon see through his/her efforts at manipulation and will become very angry. A nice quiet life will not likely be achieved with these two.

Sexually, Scorpio is the more active sign, and may feel that Capricorn is not being true when Capricorn persists in bringing his/her work to bed, or begs off with a headache. This is not a well aspected match and definitely not made in Heaven.

How do you see Scorpio? As a powerful and intriguing partner whose magnetic charisma makes you see there is something else in life besides your work.

How does your Scorpio partner see you? They recognize that they’ve met an equal in the power stakes, but wonder if you realize just how important it is to be sexually compatible too.

How to make things better: Admit to yourself that you have physical needs the same as everybody else and that passion can enhance your life in a truly positive way.

SAGITTARIUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Sagittarius, frequently in trouble with finances, will be very impressed by Capricorn’s level-headed approach to this matter. On the other hand, Capricorn may find that the lighthearted, carefree personality of Sagittarius, will take his/her mind off a mountain of worries and give him/her a chance to loosen up and enjoy life more. After a little time has passed, they both find that the very things they admired in one another is the thing that will cause the most trouble between them. Sagittarius’ penchant for spending money frivolously will give Capricorn many headaches.

In response to the nagging that will follow these types of spending, Sagittarius may decide that she/he has married a boorish, stick in the mud who doesn’t care for him/her. The Sagittarian’s general outlook on life as a playground will clash mightily with Capricorns staid, serious, and reserved way of thinking. Capricorns black depressions gets no sympathy from Sagittarius, who caused most of them, for he/she sees nothing to be depressed about.

Sagittarius may get him/herself up in an enticing manner, expecting some appreciation and sexual entertainment the minute Capricorn walks in, but Capricorn is as apt to just sit down and start in on the work he/she brought home from the office, which will only serve to infuriate Sagittarius. Their sex life is very apt to be frustrating for both parties, although Sagittarius will feel this more keenly than Capricorn. Not a match made in Heaven.

How do you see Sagittarius? As a free spirit whom you yearn to tame, recognizing that their particular brand of optimism is just what you need to add extra brightness to your life.

How does your Sagittarius partner see you? As a strong supportive focal point, but they are mindful that you don’t always know how to wind down as easily as they do.

How to make things better: Tolerate and start to appreciate each other’s differences, and be grateful for the wealth of optimism that Sagittarius can bring to you.

CAPRICORN – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Capricornians naturally share the same traits, and unless their star charts are aspected right, would not be able to get along together for any length of time. Each take life seriously, share the same outlook on financial matters and careers. Careers will be the single most important part in either ones’ life, and it is best if they work together or have careers that compliment the other one’s. Financial matters should not be a problem for them as they are both forward-looking individuals.

The Capricorn female will find that she and her career will have to take a back seat to the male, as this is one man who believes in the head of the household, so her career would always be secondary in scope and importance to his. This will not sit well with the female Capricorn, who also feels strongly about her career. The notorious black depressions that this sign is known for, is as apt to hit them both, and each will expect consolation from the other – and probably won’t get it. If they get depressed at the same time they will drift away from each other.

Capricorns need a more carefree, light hearted sexual partner to keep their interest in bedroom affairs stirred up, and with these two signs there is not likely to be any kind of love life to speak of, as they will be mentally working on their careers, rather than on each other. Not a match made in Heaven.

How do you see Capricorn? Two workaholics together. You initially think that this is total bliss, but wonder if you’ll ever have sufficient time to get to know each other better.

How does your Capricorn partner see you? They could be really attracted to you for reinforcement of their own ideals – or run away from such a vivid mirror image.

How to make things better: Accept that you can work and play together if you choose – and enjoy it all.

AQUARIUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

At first, the depressions of Capricorn will bring out the best in Aquarius, as he/she tries to help Capricorn through them; viewing the depressions as a kind of challenge. But wasting efforts has not been an Aquarian trait, and it is soon obvious that all the efforts to cure Capricorns depressions are wasted, so he/she will take the Aquarian healing sympathy to a more receptive audience.

While Capricorn is involved with the problems that affect them as a unit, he/she cannot understand the interests that Aquarius shows to other people but not to him/her, for Capricorn believes that the Aquarian energies should go to bettering their own life. Aquarius may go through a number of jobs, searching for the right challenges, but Capricorns’ need for financial security is so strong that this will horrify him/her.

There will be many sexual clashes, as Aquarius may be out consoling someone or sitting up with a sick friend just when Capricorn may be going through a depression and needs the reassurance that he/she gets through the sex act. Not a match made in heaven.

How do you see Aquarius? As someone whose unpredictability is like a breath of fresh air in your more staid conventional life – but you’re not sure you’re quite ready for it!

How does your Aquarius partner see you? As someone with whom to settle down and be really serious with – but your need for total stability frightens them too.

How to make things better: Respect each other’s individuality – and don’t try to tie down Aquarius too much.

PISCES – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Pisces is initially drawn to Capricorns efficiency in organizing his/her life and hopes to get his/her own straightened out. Capricorn may be drawn by his/her demeanor of helplessness, but soon finds out that this is only one facet to the many in the Piscean personality, and that at other times could muster up the kind of strength it takes to rebel against Capricorn’s attempt at domination. It is at this point in time that the Piscean’s secretive side begins to manifest itself.

The Piscean silences can last for days, totally confusing Capricorn, who doesn’t know how to reach this person he/she has suddenly discovered, and no matter how hard he/she tries, there is no way of surmounting the wall placed between them. They are both prone to dark depressions, but Pisces has the ability to shake it off, while Capricorn needs reassurance and love to help him/her over them. This relationship can get frustrating, as just when Capricorn is ready to call it quits, Pisces will do a loving turn around; this will keep up until Capricorn can take no more and leaves.

Their sex life is not as good as they would expect, as Capricorn will still bring troubles and work to bed, while Pisces is able to leave them outside the bedroom. If the moods are right, all things considered, then sex could be enjoyable for them and bring them a new closeness. This is a very shaky union at best. Not a match made in Heaven.

How do you see Pisces? As a wonderfully sentimental romantic dreamer – but you’re not sure if you have enough time for romantic dreams.

How does your Pisces partner see you? As the tower of strength they’ve hoped for all their life – they long to help you open up and be more sentimental too.

How to make things better: Show that even a self-disciplined Capricorn can put away their workload with a sensitive soulmate at their side.


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