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Q: What is a Soulmate and where can I find mine?

A: A soulmate is not a missing half, but a timeless companion.
The most frequent question I am asked in readings is “is he my soulmate?”
I always say that if you have to ask, the answer is probably no. But there is some confusion over terminology – there are soulmates and then there are soul twins.

In spirit, we have groups similar to families to which we belong. Over eons,
we gravitate to incarnations with certain ‘family’ members who have a similar
vibration. These are soulmates. We may incarnate together with a soulmate
as siblings, parent-child or lover-spouse. They are invariably close
relationships with a feeling of unquestioned trust.

A soul twin on the other hand, is like a mirror image of us. They are
sometimes difficult relationships to handle here on earth because of the opposite polarity – they are everything you are not.

You have many soulmates – upwards of maybe a dozen during your life,
but you have only one soul twin. An interesting example of soul twins was
Richard Burton and Liz Taylor.

You can find your soulmates anywhere and in any age group, culture or sex… they are not limited to opposite sex or same age. These rewarding relationships are full of trust, mutual agreement on basics,and a feeling that you have known each other before. Treasure your soulmates when you find them even if you cannot marry them. You may or may not find your soul twin in each incarnation, but usually you will be similar ages or from the same culture. Relationships with a soul twin are extremely magnetic and intense, sometimes too intense.

Q: Why are only certain people psychic?

A: Actually, everyone is psychic. Some people seem to have a special gift for it however, and they may not understand why themselves. It’s a lot like being musically inclined. However, it doesn’t always mean that you must be born with the ability. I know of many psychics who were not born that way, but had received a head injury or traumatic shock and then suddenly became psychic. Dannion Brinkley, who was struck by lightning and died for 28 minutes, became very clairvoyant after he recuperated. By the way, there are three main types of psychic gifts… clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling).


Q: If you’re psychic, then why didn’t you know “this” or “that”?

A: My answer to this first, is that we’re all still human, intuitive/psychic or not, and none of us is “all knowing”. I believe we are given the ability to see, feel and share things that are of importance to share. However, there are things in our lives that we are expected to encounter and experience just as the next person. They are life lessons for us too. I also feel that we are only given that which we are suppose to share, some things must remain a mystery to all of us for our life lessons to be sought and taught.


Q: How can you do a Reading from a distance or through e-mail?

A: Because the human consciousness transcends time and space, tapping into the universal information does not need to be done with someone only in person. Psychics/Intuitives have the ability to tap into this information.


Q: Are my readings kept private?

A: Most definitely! I practice a strong code of ethics; At no time, will I share your name, any personal information or anything related to your reading to anyone (unless of course you request me to). Your reading and information is private and personal, it is yours.


Q: What if the reading says something that I don’t like?

A: This is the best thing about the Tarot. If you see something that you don’t like come up in your reading, you change the outcome. The Tarot predicts what will happen if you continue on the path that you are on. If you change that path, you change the outcome. My readings are very positive and if there are any tips that I can give you to have things turn out for the best, I will let you know.


Q: What is the difference between the Tarot and other forms of fortune telling?

A: Fortune-telling is a term largely frowned upon in the Tarot community, and the term Divination is favored. Other forms include the popular Chinese I-Ching and norse runic divination. Look hard enough and you will find the roots of the Tarot in most countries and cultures.


Q: How Does the Tarot Work?

A: The secret to how the tarot works lies within the reader’s abilities rather than in the cards themselves. The cards are a tool to the intuitive/psychic reader. To the sensitive reader, the Tarot is a way to tap into the universal consciousness through their own interpretation of the cards as well as their intuition. The reader’s skill and experience of successfully interpreting the Tarot involves the reader’s strong sense of intuition, the ability to remain objective through a reading, to be able to accurately relay and describe the message of the cards, and with the sitter’s or querent’s help, to put the message in the correct context. Please remember when receiving a reading, that validation is a much needed indicator for both the querent and the reader. I sometimes see querents whom feel if they have to share any information with me, then I’m not reading them, however, the only thing they are doing by this is stalling the reading, and cutting the information short they could otherwise receive.

Some readers, (such as myself) will also tap into people whom have passed. Getting in touch with these energies isn’t always guaranteed, but when it happens, the querent needs to be able to help the reader validate what they are getting. Interpretation is key in relaying these messages, as well as the validation.


Q: Do you have to be psychic or have special gifts to read Tarot?

A: Psychic powers are not necessary to be a good Tarot interpreter, but they do enhance the reading. The best readers tend to be people who are open to emotions and feelings (although not personally emotional at the time of reading) and have an intuitive flair. The combination of a true psychic and the Tarot can be quite powerful. And that’s the combination you get with my readings!


Q: How should I phrase my question?

A: It depends what you are looking for. If you want a general answer, ask a generalized question. If you are looking for something more specific, ask accordingly. The Tarot is not generally used for simple yes-no answers to basic questions like “Will I win the lottery?” If you want to ask questions like these then go to a clairvoyant! Do try and be open to receive what the cards have to tell you.

About what questions should you ask…. Well, What is troubling you at this moment? What do you need help with?


Q: How much should I tell the Reader about myself?

A: Would you go to a therapist and ask her to cure your problems without telling her your story? Would you go to a doctor and make him tell you what is wrong without telling him your symptoms? In the same way you talk to your therapist or doctor, I feel that the more a reader knows about you, the better they can interpret your cards. Rather a Counselor Of Hearts, I am.


Q: I have a relationship problem.

A: My Tarot readings can show the reason that someone is upset with you, or why they do not want to get too close to you. Maybe the reading will show they had trouble with past relationships and are leery of getting that close to another person again. At the very least, through my Tarot work, you can see some of the reasons people act the way they do. Then, instead of judging them, you can begin to understand why they behave that way. My readings can help you discover the best way to answer your questions.


Q: What can the cards tell me about myself?

A: Tarot cards are reflections of you and your feelings or ideas at a particular time. One of the things that comes out of getting a unique reading from Jeanne is self-awareness, and, in addition to reminding you of the things you already know about yourself, it can help you to awaken some new concepts or ideas about youself that you may never have thought of before. Within the reading, you can see your psychological profile, emotional condition, and what you are feeling at the time of the reading. The insights that you get from my readings…perhaps just a little change of consciousness or some added information…can lead you to change how you feel aout things. And when your feelings change, so, too, do the meanings of the cards or you. Because the Tarot cards are a reflective tool, they change each time you change, perhaps initiating a progression of changes.

The purpose of my Tarot readings is to offer personal advice and guidance on difficult choices you may be struggling with. The choices you make today can influence the paths you will take in the future.

If you’re confused and your life is in a muddle, and you’re looking for help with careers, relationships, love, moving house, or other lifestyle changes and decisions, my readings may well help you to crystalize your thoughts and to decide if this is the moment for you to make that change.

In matters of the heart, my Tarot reading may tell you what your heart already knows – but your head is perhaps denying.

In matters of a career or financial nature, the Tarot may help you to see the most suitable route for you to take as an individual.


Q: Do I REALLY want to know the future?

A: Sometimes, what we are looking for may be not so much a glimpse of the future, but a glimpse of our true selves. The better we know ourselves, the more likely we are to have the confidence and self-esteem to work through our life decisions fully, and with the care essential to produce splendid outcomes. The Tarot can be a wonderful tool to help you get in touch with yourself. Instead of waiting passively for life to happen TO you…reacting to events and emotions without fully understanding or appreciating what is going on around you…you can use Jeanne’s Tarot readings to enhance your experience and active participation in the events and emotions of your life.


Q: Will the Tarot reading tell me what to do?

A: Jeanne’s Tarot Readings are only one tool you can use to make your life decisions resonate closer and closer to your hearts true desire. It is not about surrendering to fate, or being handed a one-way ticket to the future. It is about making choices that are honest and that feel right for you. It is about getting in touch with your own life energy and using that energy to live up to your fullest potential as a human being. What road should you take? What future lies in store for you? How will you grow and learn? Come on the journey of your own Personal Tarot Reading from Jeanne, and we will see what we can see!

The Tarot does not often give simple yes/no answers, but tends to qualify answers according to the prevailing conditions of your life.


Q: Does the Tarot seal my fate? Is the future written in stone?

A: Heavens no!
You can always change it by using your Free-Will. The problem is that people don’t think of their life as a series of choices. Out of habit or lack of imagination, many of us feel like our life carries us along and we can’t direct it. It’s a lot like being in a rowboat without realizing we should just pick up the oars (Free- Will) to steer in a specific direction.

Nothing SEALS your fate. Your life path is a series of possibliities, branching off in one direction or another with each decision you make. A Tarot reading may suggest to you what could happen if you continue along a certain path…but it is up to you to take the responsibility of choosing your own direction, if you dare.

A reading merely lays out a road of probabilities, possibilities and surrounding influences with free will driving the final destination. A reading will suggest to you what will/can happen if you maintain a certain path, but the responsibility of taking the footsteps on that path are totally up to you. There are so many different influences around each person with a multitude of people and influences around them and a multitude of people and influences around those people and so on and so on and so on. No outcome of a reading is final, things can be changed due to these influences. You can change the outcome of any particular situation that you wish to change, simply by making changes.


Q: I am afraid of Tarot readings and what they may tell me.

A: Much of the fear and superstition associated with the Tarot…and with all the occult sciences…is the thinking that they somehow DO foretell the future and seal your fate. NOTHING about the Tarot is inexorable or inevitable. WHAT YOU DO WITH THE CARDS IS UP TO YOU! The Tarot reveals possibilities and probabilities, not certainties. In fact, the only thing that is certain about life is that nothing is certain. Fate is what YOU make it.

Tarot is neither dangerous nor evil. It has been called a “tool of the devil” by some religious groups, usually people who understand the Tarot very little or not at all. However, the Tarot is simply a tool; as with all tools, it’s what you do with it that can be bad or good, not the tool itself – a hammer is neutral, but you can use it to build things or destroy them, depending on your own intentions. Nothing bad or strange can happen to you by using the Tarot, unless you believe something bad can happen to you and you fall prey to your own thoughts and fears. A tarot deck can be a wonderful tool for focusing your thoughts and feelings, but in the end it’s simply a bunch of paper, and can no more carry evil or harm than the stack of paper in your printer.

My Tarot readings can bring illumination and enlightenment into your life, empower you to make the best choices.


Q: Is what the cards predict definitely going to happen, or can we change our Destiny?

A: If a reader were to tell you that there was a possibility of difficulties in the future as far as your marriage was concerned, this would enable you to look deeper into the situation and discover where the problems might arise. You could then take steps to improve matters, or avoid trouble spots, thereby (hopefully) avoiding the risk of your marriage breaking-up.
In other words, you would retain control of your life and your destiny and, in so doing, turn what could have been a negative experience into a positive one. Using the cards in this way, as a tool to improve your life, is the way they are meant to be used, not as a means of creating forecasts full of doom and gloom that allow no room for manuvering when it comes to improving your life.


Q: I am concerned about my finances. I picked a card myself and pulled out The Devil. One look at this card convinced me that I was on the brink of bankruptcy. What do you think?

A: If you were to look at the card positively and see it as a warning against wasting money on non-essentials, you would see that it is actually quite a helpful card to choose. It is telling you that if you work out a budget and stick to it, and don’t let yourself be side-tracked by unnecessary purchases, your finances should eventually become more stable.

What you need to bear in mind when consulting the Tarot is that the cards are a means to an end, not an end in themselves. Different readers will interpret the same cards different ways and come to different conclusions, but this does not mean that only one of those readers is correct. What it means is that there are several different paths in front of you, each one leading to a different destination, and it is up to you which path you choose to walk down.

Q: Is our fate changeable, or is it pre-determined and is just the way it is?

A: Fate does, of course, play a part in all our lives and we could argue that if something is meant to happen it will happen, regardless of what we try to do to stop it. This may well be true, but who is to say that the change you make in your life as a result of what the Tarot advises wasn’t meant to happen anyway, in order to lead you to that fateful experience?

Even if we feel that there are certain things that cannot be avoided no matter what we do, by being aware of the likelihood of them we can lessen their negative impact, or heighten the pleasure of their positive effects. We can also take steps to prepare ourselves for future changes if we are aware of what those changes may be.


Q: I’m afraid to have my reading done..should people know what’s going to happen in advance?

A: By all means get a reading when you feel changes are due, or when you want to know how a specific event is likely to turn out. Don’t, however, look at it in terms of finding out what is going to happen, but see it as a way of discovering what might be going to happen. That way, if you don’t like the idea of what the cards seem to be leaning towards, you can do something about it. Then, when you consult the cards again, you may find that, as a result of your actions, they are forecasting a much more positive conclusion to your dilemma.

What the cards do is give you a sneak preview of what is likely to happen if you continue to behave in a certain way. If you ignore this advice, then what they have ‘predicted’ will almost certainly take place. However, if you do not wish your life to follow this route, you have the opportunity to change it as a result of what the cards have revealed to you. The cards are not making a mistake as they are not telling you that something is definitely going to happen, only that it may be going to happen. Whether it does or not is entirely up to you.


Q: Can you work spells? I want my ex-boyfriend to love me again.

A: Avoid “spells” and “curses.” This is in no way a criticism of the very noble spiritual art of Wicca. True Wiccans know better than most that we can not tamper with another’s free will. If someone offers to put a love spell on someone you’re enamored with, or to remove a curse for a fee, move on. You are the one with the power to create what you want in your life. Don’t expect a psychic reader to do anything more than show you where you’re presently heading, and the way to creating what you desire. What you do with that information is entirely up to you. A good reader will EMPOWER you to take your life and destiny under your own conscious control.


Q: I was told by another that there was a curse on me. How do I get rid of it???

A: This “curse” matter deserves some addressing here. I’m glad you asked me. Often clients only discover that they’re “cursed” when a reader tells them. People who seek out psychics generally have a problem or issue they’re trying to turn around in their lives. Blaming “bad luck” or unwanted experiences on a curse is convenient for the reader. Such negative energies are notorious for clinging to “bad money.” If you hand it over to the reader, he or she will bravely dispose of it for you.

Don’t worry about curses. Even if someone does wish you ill, they have no power to influence you or your life unless you GIVE it to them. Whatever they wish another is what will return to them. There IS such a thing as a true curse; it’s believing that you’re cursed. If you believe that you will have bad luck, you will. If you expect and focus on bad things, they will come to you. The reverse, of course, is also true. Think and share good thoughts, and guess what? The good always comes back to you. Always.


Q: How do I know which tarot reader to go to? How can I know that you or they can be trusted?

A: Your intuition must work in harmony with your intellect; and we have both for good reason. If you feel drawn to a certain reader, then by all means, pursue that desire. Our inner beings lead us to what is best for us through our desires. Spirit is always working for us, and we are led to those who have dedicated their lives to doing the work of Spirit in the world when we can’t clearly hear the guidance coming through for ourselves. This is my life’s work, my personal path, doing Spiritual work. There is a reason you are here today.


Q: Some people say that psychics shouldn’t charge a fee for doing what they do. Is this right?

A: Personally speaking, this is my life’s work. I am very fortunate, in that I get to do what I love to do, for a living. (I like to eat, too. Don’t you?) I am helping people across the world 6-7 days a week. My feelings on this subject are too lengthy to post on this little page, so I dedicated a full page to address this subject. I invite you to read my article The Controversy Over Psychics’ Charges. You will find it extremely helpful, interesting, informative, enlightening.


A Broader Question

Q: If Divine Power is not incarnate or “of this plane,” then how does it “know” the lessons that are important for us to learn, and put the right situations (relationships, things that happen to us that we consider either good or bad, etc.) in our lives so we can learn these lessons? I am finding this issue challenging because as this energy doesn’t have a ” mind and body” as we understand it, I don’t understand how this energy is able to “know.” (A lack of a mind to me would mean that “it” doesn’t think or reason). I realize that I’m approaching this from a “worldly” stance, but as that is where I am (on Earth) at this time, this is how I approach it.

A: Thanks for the interesting question!
At first, I found it fascinating that you associate conscious intelligence with physical existence, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my own perspective is probably more unusual than yours. To me, it’s obvious that consciousness is not defined by or dependent upon physical structures. Think about it: you can touch a brain, but can you touch a thought? Can you see a thought, or smell or taste it? If a brain can exist without consciousness (a dead brain), then why can’t consciousness exist without a physical brain? They must be separable?

It follows that consciousness and the physical body, while “partners” at times, are not interdependent for existence anymore than a computer and its power source cannot exist independently. In fact, I believe that physical life is dependent upon consciousness, not the other way around. A physical brain does not give birth to intelligence; intelligence gives birth to a physical brain. A body does not give birth to a spirit; a spirit gives birth to a body. Hence, we go to Spirit when we need guidance on physical matters, not the other way around.

There are all kinds of intelligent forces that exist that most of us cannot not see or perceive with our physical senses. These include the spirits of those not incarnate at this time on Earth, as well as consciousforces that do not ever incarnate here. Angels, spirit guides, departed loved ones, etc., exist as consciousness without “physical” brains and bodies. (Though if we were focused on the dimensions in which they do exist, I believe we’d perceive them to be just as “real” or “tangible” as we do other people here on Earth). These intelligent forces do influence us by guiding us toward appropriate decisions or aligning us with the lessons/experiences we need to learn.

We also have personal aspects that we are not aware of that correspond to such disembodied intelligences. It’s like we have our brains/conscious minds, and then we have spiritual consciousness that is connected to us and yet perceives all from the realm of Spirit. Most call these far-seeing conscious forces our “higher selves.”

Our “higher selves” are like our spiritual parents in a lot of ways. The higher self knows far more than we know consciously, and has the wisdom of all our experiences in past lives and other dimensions to draw upon. Just as a parent knows what a child needs to learn and arranges for that to happen, so does your higher self know what you need to learn, and it directs you to what you need to experience in order to learn those lessons.

While all these non-physical intelligences influence us, I also believe that we don’t give “nature” or spiritual law enough credit for the mechanics BEHIND our experiences. For example, due to the teachings of popular religions, many envision “God” as a super human being, a great conductor who consciously orchestrates life. Most of our experiences, however, are governed by subtle forces as “unconscious” as the law of gravity.

Does some conscious force direct a ball toward the ground when it rolls off the table? Does nature consciously ponder where rain is needed, and “decide” to create rain there? Behind the law of gravity, the law of attraction, etc., there is a basic fundamental law that maintains BALANCE in the Universe. This means that where there is a vacuum, it will be filled. Where there is lack or desire, something will flow in to fill it.

Thus, if we grow and develop to certain degrees in one area, we will naturally eventually attract growth in surrounding areas to balance it out. Because of natural law, a lot of conscious thought is not required. As water runs downstream without having to figure out how to find a path, how to get around this rock or that log, so do we flow toward that which is in harmony with our true paths.

I believe that these natural spiritual laws propel us forward, and that our higher selves and outside non-physical intelligences (aka Spirit) help us to move along without getting too banged up or lost in the process. After all, if we put two rafts in the river, they’ll both be carried downstream. The one that is steered by a conscious navigator, however, will avoid the rocks and logs and other obstacles for the most part. It will likely travel faster and more easily downstream than the raft that is unguided, which may end up overturned or banged up along the way.

There is so much that is realand powerful that is NOT “physical,” meaning that it cannot not be touched by our physical hands, or seen with our physical eyes. Consciousness is a power that exists above and beyond the limits of time and space. It is just as real as another powerful force, one that most of us would agree cannot be seen or touched, but is nevertheless very real and powerful.

That force is LOVE.

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