My Work With Tarot

My Tarot readings are all about the journey of life – YOUR journey of life.

They can help you better deal with your relationships and life changes, by revealing things about yourself that you haven’t even known or realized; even informing you of probable events ahead, so you can recognize them, grab hold of them, or shove them away.
I invest an enormous amount of energy and time for each and every reading. They range from approximately 6-13 pages in length, and are emailed to you in entirety.

These readings can take me anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to complete, with Meditation, using Channeling, and the Tarot cards as a Tool.

This ‘time’ I speak of includes transcribing the thoughts and visions I receive into text after my connection is closed. I rarely know what’s in the reading until I read it at completion.

On the most part, what I reveal to you….
is information that you need to know!
Otherwise, I wouldn’t receive the information.
It’s truly amazing.

So many skeptics of the Tarot, or of me,
have completely done an about-face, and
have taken the information given them to
change their lives dramatically for the better.

Spiritual Guidance is truly enabling,as It originates in the Universal Mind. There isn’t one single thought you have, or one single deed you have done, that hasn’t occurred before in this Universe before. Not one.

Your Tarot reading is a reflection of those possibilities inherent in YOUR life and present situation.

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