Near Death Experiences

1) What is a Near- Death Experience (NDE)?

The Near-Death Experience is a type of forced out-of-body experience (OBE) caused by organic traumas, and/or physical, chemical or psychological agents. It commonly occurs in cases of terminal illnesses, or situations which involve moments of great risk to the physical body, such as accidents, electrocutions, surgery, suffocations, drownings, etc. This phenomenon is very common, and researchers around the world are spending much effort, money and time to try and explain its occurrence more fully.

2) What kinds of reports are given by those who have experienced an NDE?

Usually people relate a number of common experiences such as: a feeling of inner peace; floating above their physical body; perception of the presence of people around them; 360º vision; amplification of various senses; traveling through a tunnel intensely lit at its far end (tunnel effect). In this atemporal region, the person experiencing the NDE (NDEer) perceives the presence of what most people describe as a “being of light”, although this description varies depending on cultural archetypes and personal philosophies.

The boundary between the two dimensions is also that of life or death. Sometimes the NDEers have to decide if they want to come back to physical life or not, often reporting a field, door, fence or lake as a type of barrier that if they were to cross, they would not return to their physical body. These are some of the characteristics of near-death experiences.

3) What psychological and behavioral changes occur in those who have an NDE?

Most of those who have a near-death experience exhibit positive behavioral changes. The great majority of them change their lives for the better in that they lose the fear of death (thanatophobia); value their life and the lives of others more; re-evaluate their current values, ethics and priorities; become more serene and confident; increase psychic perceptions; and take advantage of a greater understanding of the purpose of life in order to evolve faster.

4) How does the medical field explain the NDE?

The NDE is a traumatic experience, which should be well examined by all areas of medicine without any mystical or obscuring preconceptions. Ever since researchers worldwide began discussing and analyzing this phenomenon more openly, the medical field has been forced to consider death and the survival of the consciousness in a new light. Yet, there are physicians who still deny scientific explanations and attribute the phenomenon to God or some supernatural source, resort to superficial explanations like genetic memory, lack of oxygen in the brain (cerebral hypoxia), or associate the experience with biological birth.

5) How does projectiology view this phenomenon?

Because the Near-Death Experience is a type of OBE which is induced by external factors, it falls under the scope encompassed by Projectiology and as such is one of the phenomena studied.

The same positive life changes that occur with people who undergo a NDE can be derived by those who have a totally lucid and recalled OBE, be it spontaneous or provoked by will.

This is one of the reasons why courses at the International Academy of Consciousness focus on providing information and techniques to enable people to have OBEs at will. According to projectiology and conscientiology, there is only one type of healing, namely self-healing, which is achieved through heightened lucidity. These sciences encourage individuals to have their own multidimensional experiences as a means of gaining greater self-awareness.

6) Is there any literature available on the NDE?

Raymond Moody Jr., Ian Stevenson, Kenneth Ring, van Lommel, and Peter Fenwick are some of the authors who have published works on this subject and are considered to be part of essential reading in projectiology studies.

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is an expert on the phenomenon and founded an institution bearing her name which assists terminally ill patients and their families. In addition, the International Association for Near-Death Studies publishes the “Journal of Near-Death Studies”, which is devoted to the subject.

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Many people who have had near death experiences become aware of spirit communication from an angel episode guide that removes all fear of the dying experience.

About a third of the people who have near death experiences review their lives in the presence of a Great Being of Light that radiates perfect love and understanding …an angel episode guide is a powerful presence that helps them to become aware of the main purpose of their life.

Most return saying they are aware that the main purpose of life concerns learning how to love…

Although they do not generally express an awareness of an angel episode guide, most people return saying that through spirit communication, they’ve become aware of a particular purpose for their lifetime and return to Earth to complete that purpose …

When people talk about their life review, they say they see every event through the eyes of the people whom they interacted with…

With the help of an angel episode guide, in an instant they see where they have done really well and where they could have done a lot better…

They feel the joy and the pain that others felt according to their experiences with them …

The life review can be very painful when we recognize that we are responsible for every action …

Every person, every situation, every blade of grass has a role in the Divine Plan…

We have been given exactly the circumstances required to develop our unique gifts…

We have the free will to wake up and use our life circumstances that bring forth our potential or to remain asleep…

We are not Victims… We are Volunteers….

Earth is a school and we are here to learn spiritual lessons…

What we perceive as problems and obstacles, are really opportunities for us to grow and evolve spiritually…

We do this by overcoming our reactive nature and becoming proactive…

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”…~Steven Biko


True Stories of NDE’s

One in ten cardiac-arrest patients report ‘near-death experiences’. Now a large-scale study aims to find out what’s going on.
By Clint Witchalls
March 8, 2004

When Jeanette Atkinson was 18 years old she was admitted to hospital with deep-vein thrombosis and seven pulmonary embolisms (blood clots on the lungs). At 9pm, Jeanette remembers the light changing, and she had the sensation of floating out of her body, down the ward and past the nurse station. The light changed again, and she found herself entering a long black tunnel. “It was turning like a corkscrew and at the bottom of this tunnel were these most fantastic lights, just like a child’s kaleidoscope,” she recalls. “I was going towards these lights and it was wonderful, it was peaceful, and then all of a sudden, a voice said to me: ‘Come on you silly old cow, it’s not your turn yet.’ And I was back in my body. Back in pain, with a crash team round me. I don’t remember anything else after that.”


You are more alive after death!

From: Roger Steinbronn (
Story type: NDE
Location: a lake in New York State
Source: Form Submission

What happened to me… I had a near-death experience in 1985 at the age of 30. It was summertime. I was alone in a lake, just floating around while wearing a life jacket. It was going to be dark soon. What could go wrong? I saw a rope running from the dock to under the water. It was at about a 30% angle. I decided to pull myself underwater with it to take a look around. I pulled myself down along the rope. I saw that it was attached to a concrete ball about the size of a large pumpkin. I was about 10 feet underwater. It was time to go up for air. Suddenly, my buoyancy combined with the upward force of the life jacket plus my pulling on the rope caused the concrete weight to jump up a couple of feet. I released the rope. The weight went back down. The rope went back down with the weight. It also caught on my life jacket. I was being held down. I looked up. I was at least four feet under the surface of the water and I was already overdue for more air, having been underwater for more than a minute. My feet weren’t touching the bottom. I was in trouble and I was alone. I knew that I was going to die. I thought to myself “So this is how my life is going to end. I am going to drown. And somebody will eventually find me down here like this—all bloated and tangled up.” After the shock of realizing that I was going to die; that this was it, I accepted death. I was calm and peaceful. This feeling was surprising. I was determined, however, to hold my breath as long as I could. To get as many extra moments of life as I could. I released air from my lungs a little bit to release the incessant pressure. Wouldn’t be much longer, I thought. I thought, sadly, of the people that I was leaving behind. I thought of my brothers and sisters, my parents. I thought of friends. What happened next still confuses me. Time changed and several distinct events happened at the same time. I mean all at once, but each unique and distinct. Images flashed in my mind of departed relatives. Great aunts. Great uncles. Some of them I hadn’t thought of for over 20 years. Uncle Emil. Aunt Marie. Uncle John. My spirit brightened like a giant light bulb or something lit up the area that I was in, I’m still not sure. It was so bright that I think that anyone standing on the shore should have seen it. I could see the algae and other tiny things floating around me very distinctly. (It had already been beginning to be dusk out and the sun had disappeared already behind some trees.) The me part of me (the part that speaks to people and is aware of itself) became to move out of my physical body. I was about two inches out and I was exiting through my head. I was leaving before my body was even dead. Water had not entered my lungs. I was still very much physically alive. This was weird. Then, images of the high points of my life and what I had accomplished as a person popped into my mind. There was only about four high points. I was surprised and kind of disappointed. Only four? I had an argument with somebody, or something. I’m not sure what. Mind images went back and forth: no words. I didn’t want to “die”. This “personality” then caused images to appear in my mind of what I am expected to accomplish while on this earth. And I was also thinking at the same time, “Yeah, like I’m going to get out of this. I am caught and I am going to die.” I hadn’t been thrashing around, just was hanging there waiting for death. The rope then jerked. By itself. I moved up. My mouth just barely broke the surface. I breathed in air. I thought, “Great, I am going to be alive for just a little longer. I going to die slow now anyway, after all this!” The waves on the lake made me keep my mouth mostly closed and it was difficult to get any real amount of air. I was able to take only short, sudden breaths. I very slowly and carefully felt along the rope to try to release it. I was concerned that any movement would take me just under the surface and then it would be over. Finally, I was free of the rope. And got out of the water. From that time, 17 years ago, I see people’s spirits. The actual them, not just their auras. I can feel people’s spirits and can touch them with mine. And people can feel me touch their spirit. I know their inner states. This is how “life” is like on the other side. You are what you are and can’t pretend. And your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and whatever else are broadcast all over. Most curiously, I can excite and enhance people’s abilities. Even abilities that I don’t personally have, I am a catalyst. I can change them without changing myself. If someone has a slight healing talent, for example, I can greatly enhance it. If they have some intuition, I increase it. I was “dead” just long enough to gain these talents that are apparently routinely used on the other side by the personalities there, but not “dead” so long that I wouldn’t have a physical body to use on this earth. Strange thing about the timing… Roger Steinbronn


Rene’s Experience1982

Scene : 24/02/82, Newcastle Australia, 6;00 pm,

Leaving my optical instrument repair firm to go home to Raymond Terrace, Raining after 3 months Dry, I was driving along the Industrial Highway and slowing to stop at lights where exit road from BHP crosses highway, memory ends. Reported by Miles (my partner): As we approached the lights they changed to green, as we went into the crossing the car aquaplaned, speed 43 kph, we hit the large industrial power pole just after the intersection, Stewart, who was laying on the mattress in the back of the panel van, was thrown forward into the back of René’s‚’s head, driving her into the steering wheel. Medical Info: Stewart’s spine was broken L4, I suffered Fractures Basal area, Frontal Lobe, Right eye socket, Right Zygoma, all depressed, 6 holes in dura, also spokes of steering wheel and indicator entered throat up into roof of mouth, right upper and lower thorax. Miles suffered a small seat belt bruise.

My Mother Reported that: In the afternoon of 25/02/82 they were in the office of Professor Buchalille (Professor of Neurosurgery) where the prof. was reporting my death and that they should be grateful, as I would have been a vegetable had I survived, during this conversation a young frightened Nurse came rushing into the office, blurting out “She is alive, she sat up and spoke!”, the prof. chastised her for interrupting them 3 times before taking her outside and lecturing her about “dead bodies” moving and making noises, the Nurse was emphatic, “She sat up and said “Dont give me any more Drugs!””, at this point my mother took the prof. by one elbow, my father by his and marched them down the corridor to see, they found me in a back corridor where i had apparently been placed so the nurse could remove equipment prior to my transfer to the Morgue, I was in deep coma and breathing, I remained in coma for a further 10 days.

My NDE: I don’t know when in the above events my experience took place. I have no memory of the process of dying or leaving my body. I was moving head first thru a dark maelstrom of what looked like black boiling clouds, feeling that I was being beckoned to the sides which frightened me, ahead was a tiny dot of bright light which steadily grew and brightened as I drew nearer, I became aware that i must be dead and was concerned for Mum & Dad and my Sister, and somewhat upset with myself as i thought “they will soon get over it” like it was in passing just a fleeting thought as i rushed greedily forward towards this light.

I arrived in an explosion of glorious light into a room with insubstantial walls, standing before a man about in his 30’s about 6 foot tall, reddish brown shoulder length hair and an incredibly neat, short beard & mo., He wore a simple white robe, light seemed to eminate from Him and i felt He had great age and wisdom. He welcomed me with great Love, tranquillity, Peace (undescribable), no words, I felt ” I can sit at your feet forever and be content”, which struck me as a strange thing to think/say/feel, I became fascinated by the fabric of His robe, trying to figure out how light could be woven!

He stood beside me and directed me to look to my left, where I was replaying my life’s less complementary moments, I re-lived those moments and felt not only what I had done but also the hurt I had caused, some of the things I would have never imagined could have caused pain, I was surprised that some things I may have worried about, like shoplifting a chocolate as a child, were not there whilst casual remarks which caused hurt unknown to me at the time were counted, when I became burdened with guilt I was directed to other events which gave joy to others, although I felt unworthy it seemed the balance was in my favor, I received great Love.

I was led further into the room, which became a hall and there coming towards me was my Grandfather, he looked younger than I remembered and was without his Hare lip or cleft pallet, but undoubtedly my grandfather, we hugged, he spoke to me and welcomed me, I was moved to forgive him for dying when I was 14 and making me break my promise, to become a Doctor and find a cure for his heart condition, until that moment I had not realized I had been angry at him!

Grandad told me that Grandma was coming soon and he was looking forward to her arrival, I enquired why she was coming soon as she had been traveling from her home in Manchester, to NZ, To Miami for continual summer for a number of years! Grandad told me she had Cancer of the Bowel and was coming soon, Grandad seemed to have no grasp of time when i pressed for how soon. (Grandma was diagnosed 3 months later and died in August, I had upset my mother by telling her about it when i regained consciousness.), after Grandad and I had talked a while he took me further into the room which became a hall again, we approached a group of people whom i started to recognize.

The Person who first welcomed me came and placed his hand on my shoulder and turned me towards Him, He said ” You must return, you have a task to perform.”, I wanted to argue, i wanted to stay, i glanced back at Grandad and was propelled quickly towards the entrance, at the threshold all became blackness, nothing, no awareness.

After: I awoke from my coma slowly, over several days, half dreamed memories of familiar voices and glimpses of faces. The clearest moments were several occasions where I would awake from deep sleep to find a nurse with a syringe and refuse any Drugs, I have no idea why! I had three lots of surgery to repair my face, skull, eye socket. Left hospital with Pain, double vision, anosmia, and damage to 8th cranial nerve left me with nausea and disturbed balance. I was for two years angry at G-d, for sending me back in such torment, with a task to do with no clues or instructions, only one thing a clear message I have no idea how to pass on, which is ” It is time to live according to your Beliefs, whatever they may be, to put you House in order, For the End Times are upon us!” this can’t be my task, there was no booming voice, or any way i know the message got there. I am also unsure of the identity of the gatekeeper, no nametag, no introduction!

It took me 5 years as a zombie, before I was able to rehabilitate myself, I have gainful employment, formed the Head Injury Society NZ. in 1987, and am paraded as the example of how well it is possible to recover from Acquired Brain Damage. I still dont know my task, still have pain, anosmia, diplopia, etc.

Thats about it except to say that the memory of the NDE is more real than what I did yesterday.

Peace & Love
-=<< Rene T>>=-


NDE in my sleep
From: Story type: NDE
Location: Portsmouth,Uk
Source: Form Submission

This happened a month ago or so. I couldn’t sleep at all, I felt a strong sence of guilt for the first time in my life after a misunderstanding I had, but I know that this has nothing to do with it. At some point after falling asleep, I felt my soul or whatever it is leaving my body, I mean I actually felt my body getting lighter and then cold and I felt floating in the air and getting into a tunnel that was bright. I felt scared cause I remembered that this is what it said to happen when one dies. I started looking around and asking my self if I died. I wanted to cry I was so scared. When reaching the end of the tunnel I saw a line of people waiting for something, then I saw one of my best friends in the waiting line and I asked here what we are waiting for. She said “we are waiting to cross over, what are you doing here?” I was so confused cause I really didnt know what I was doing there. “you are lucky,you get to go back,so leave!”. Then I met another friend who said that when I wake up I will be freaked out cause I wont know if I am dead or alive. I then slowly woke up, felt like something entering my body again, then my body warming up and then actually waking up. I felt so weird,and then I freaked out cause I remembered what my friend said. I dont know if it was an actual near death experience but it sure was something I will never forget.


Mark’s Experience 1995

I am not trying to convince anybody of anything, and have no point to make. I am simply relaying an experience which I think you may find interesting. I cannot honestly say whether what I experienced was “real” or a dream, or some sort of hallucination. This is simply an account of what I remember from an accident which could easaliy have killed me.

If somebody is doing NDE research, file this story. Dec. 17, was a snowy day. Riding in a jeep, on very slick ice, my friend lost control. I wore no seatbelt, in the front passenger seat. We slid sideways into a telephone pole at approx 30mph. The driver was ejected out accross a snow bank, landing in deep snow. I went out the drivers side, my R rib cage bending the steering wheel in half, rupturing my sternem, and breaking and bruising ribs. The angle at which I was ejected sent my body into the telephone pole, left shoulder first. (we hit on the drivers side, just in front of the rear wheel) The impact shattered my left clavicle (collar bone), and dislocated my left shoulder to near the center of my chest. The jeep then bounced in some sort of recoil, and hit my R scapula (shoulder blade), which poked a jagged piece of bone through my R lung, puncturing it (pneumothorax). I remember waking up briefly, and dragging myself out from under the rear differential of the jeep, and staggering into the icy street, and collapsing. The jeeps stereo was still playing Pink Floyd “The Wall”. Then the driver, and a neighbor came out and dragged me into a house. They put me on a sofa. At this point I remember thinking I was suffocating (I had no idea of the severity at the time), and I think I passed out a couple of times. I remember they called for an ambulance, and I waited what seemed a long time.

I was in serious pain. It was unbearable. I remember trying to go to sleep sort of to make it go away. I remember some time later, a Highway Patrolman talking to me, but he kept asking me my name, and I thought I was answering him, but he couldn’t hear me. Then I think I ‘slept’, for a while, until the paramedics came in. They stood close to me and were talking to me, and asking me questions, and I was answering them, but they could not hear me. They started to cut my clothing off, but I do remember that I could not feel this. I remember looking at my shoulder now in my chest from a weird perspective. As if my eyes were centered just above and to the left of my left ear. As if I were looking over my own shoulder. This is where it gets weird.

I remember concentrating very heavily on breathing. I wasn’t getting oxygen, and could not breath “enough”. I remember looking at the paramedics eye to eye, and talking to them while looking at their face. The problem is that I knew that “I” was laying down, and they were standing and kneeling over me. As I realized this, I could still feel my body I think. Then I remember one breath in particular, I seemed to feel a “whoosh” as I exhaled, as if I were riding my own breath out of my body. I knew I had to look back, and I was not surprised to see my body lying on the sofa below me, in what seemed like about 10 ft. below. Then the color of the room or the air (??) seemed to look different, kind of fuzzy (purple fuzz). The room seemed to distort in shape, as I seem to remember seeing the whole living room, the cop, the driver, the neighbor, and the paramedics and me, all far below , and getting farther. It seemed that as the scene below me faded, I must have been 40 feet above it. I seem to remember leaving the house (floated through the roof?) and a brief encounter with the blizzard, and then all sensation just vanished. No sense of temperature, no sight, complete blank, I couldn’t “feel” my limbs or flesh, and there was no sound now.

I remember feeling as if a tremendous burden had been lifted from me, and remember a sense of another presence. There was something familiar about this “place”, as if I had been there before, but more like I had returned from whence I came. Then there was an intense sense of well being, a feeling like immersion in the emotions of love, surrounding from every point. And a sense of belonging, as in one in the same with some divine greatness which binds all matter in the universe. It is very difficult to try and describe the overwhelming feeling of this place. It is vast. I can’t find the words, but there is a message which seems to give me the impression, that this place is always here, and is present in all things, and beings. This was the most tranquil and peaceful moment in all my life.

Then the question, it was not a voice as such, but more a “thought” which was not mine. It seemed to ask many things at the same time, and I remember being quite overwhelmed. But I know it asked also if I wanted to stay. I remember thinking about my mom, and parts of my life, and all in a flash, I was asking the “voice” if it would always be like this, and if I could return again, if I went back now. The answer was yes.

I awoke screaming (the pain was back) into the oxygen mask which the paramedics had put on my face. I know they were planning to start CPR, and I had to wake up and stop them, as my chest was hurt.

Afterwards, I was very religious for a time, and became a born again christian type for awhile, but began to feel guilt, and sense hypocrisy, so I backed off. But the experience changed me profoundly, and I attach deep religious significance to life, and death. I think all religion is good, but anything in excess is bad.I find I take religion much more seriously than most people, and am currently studying, (among others) Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as Meditation, and see truths in many topics, even as diverse as literature of messages from Aliens. It was very emotional and for years, I did not discuss it, for fear of ridicule, and because it was so personal. But now, I don’t care if somebody believes me or not, if somebody is interested, I might tell them about it.

I do think that I was to come back and do something, for some reason, but I don’t think I know what the reason is yet.


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