Pisces Horoscope


~ The Fish ~
February 20 to March 20

MANTRA: Give up comfort shopping and you’ll really be comfortable.

Good natured, compassionate and sensitive, your motto might be: All for one, and one for all.

General : An unsteady month again, as there could be unsettled events, which could cause anxiousness and worry. Progress and growth in career is possible, due to your own hard work and initiative. Your own thoughts could undergo a transformation after the 6th, and new events and decisions should not be planned after 9th, when your mind could also be unsteady.

Temperament could be stubborn, and there could be skepticism in thought, which should be guarded against.

Events to look forward to: New areas of growth in career, removal of block in career, and revival in love and relationships this month. Happiness in company of friends.

Events to be cautious about: Low energy and health till the 14th, and ego thereafter. Mental unrest and distance in marriage, low confidence and energy, worry about children, losses in investments, stubborn behavior.

New area in career could open around the 9th.

A positive development in love / marriage close to the 14th. Some unsteady events in work and relationships are possible close to the 25th.

Second half of the month could be better than the first half of the month.

Career: Unsteady trends in career could continue. A fall in opportunities will be felt more after the 6th. Be cautious of decisions made this month, as you could see a fall in status as a result of changes.

Business matters will be average till the 9th, and see a dip thereafter. A tendency for wrong decisions will remain. Be careful on that account. Avoid new projects close to the 19th.

Job matters will be low profile, and see resurgence after the 14th. New opportunities of growth are possible around the 9th and 25th.

Professionals have a much better month, and I see rapid growth this month. Sudden new options could come up around the 27th.

Money Matters: A rise in money matters, as there will be increase – due to your hard work. Positive growth towards the end of the month. Income will not be satisfactory, and cause concern about work too.

Investments will remain doubtful and could create losses. Avoid all new investments.

Romance / Marriage : Better prospects in love, after a troubled phase last month. Blockages of mind and attitude will lift. There will be ease at work also, which will improve prospects of new friendships and relationships.

Some issues could crop up after the 3rd, which could bring distances and worry after the 9th. This will keep issues unsettled till early next month.

Marriage matters will see an element of skepticism and doubt. There will be erratic trends, and the possibility of verbal issues after the 3rd. This could bring a mental divide after the 9th till the 25th. Be cautious and avoid controversy.

Unmarried people might not get an opportunity for marriage this month.


This Year will continue to see pressures. The last two months of the year will be very positive, and there will be a tremendous turnaround in all aspects of life during that time. A time of commencement this year, where thinking will be under pressure, as there will be worries related to love investments, children and/or expenses. This phase of worry will operate till April 5th, and improve thereafter.

A new project can be planned and set up in this phase, which will operate till November 2nd. It will be better to begin format projects / new areas after April 5th.

Your mind could be fixed and disturbed unnecessarily till November 2nd. Beyond this date, there will be a sudden unexpected rise in career.

New avenues will open up, and progress will come due to hard work. A very paying period, if you work.

Health could be soft after December 7th.

Furthermore, an undercurrent of hurdles will remain, which could keep pressure on your status till October 28th. The period between March 5th and July 6th will be difficult, as challenges will be high during this period. Thinking and temperament will be volatile, and definitely need adjusting. Be careful on how you deal with others during this period.

There will be possibility of gains from real estate / property. Keep your options open during this time.

A tremendous turnaround will come in luck and futures after October 28th. A rise in status, higher interest in spirituality / religion, and possibilities of foreign travel are possible after October 28th. Also, the year will see a high level of aggression, stubborn behavior and fixedness in attitude. This will make you somewhat difficult to be with. You need to be aware of this flaw, and be more diplomatic in your approach with order. There will be a desire to rise up to challenges, but it might not be such a good idea to do so throughout the month. Wrong decisions are possible in this period and you should seek good counsel.

A certain amount of skepticism will also be present in marriage and relationships. Try to keep your expectations low and at a rational level.

New businesses and partnerships should be avoided. There will be an improvement in thoughts and temperament after November 11th. A rise in expenses and overheads will come thereafter. Avoid new projects as they could slow down liquidity.

Health and family could see problems at the end of March. Marital and other relationships could experience issues in September.

Mind and energy could be low during November 9th to December 6th. Avoid major travel.

January, May, August and December will be most positive.

Romance / Marriage

An uneasy period continues in marriage, as well as love matters, mostly. This is a phase where skepticism, subconscious anger, and a mental cut-off in relationships exist. A recent revival in relationships could lose its momentum, and setbacks in relationships could come after January 13th. Be low profile and easy in relationships till February 25th. Your attitude now could cost you everything you hold dear. Can you just swallow hard and smile for a while?

Discontent and doubt could exist till April 5th. Do not make decisions till you pass April 5th. Overall resentment will remain built up, as your personality will remain aggressive, and you are not willing to make adjustments or take a step backwards. All these issues will be resolved once you pass November 2nd by.

Marriage matters will see a deep sense of skepticism, and there could be adverse thoughts, which could cut off your clear thinking. Although a resolution of issues won’t come until November 11th, there will be some improvement after July 6th.

A very good level of happiness in marital matters and relationships will be restored after November 11th.

Unmarried people will find chances of marriage after November 11th. It will be advisable to avoid marriage also till November 11th.

Marital matters will be positive in January, June, November and December.

Hurdles are possible in February, March, July and September.

Love matters will be positive in March, May, August and November.

Difficult trends in love matters possible in February, September, October and December.


A slow period in career is possible, as there will be a general blockage in the level of options available.

The period between March 5th and July 6th could trouble you more, somewhat.

This is a period to plan out your career, and time the events, so that avenues will open up after November 2nd.

Your mind will be active, and in a different thought process. Avoid major career decisions till April 5th.

Also, a tendency to be “fixed” is present. You must realize that flexibility and diplomacy will be good for you, as that way, progress is possible for your career. This difficult state of mind will exist till November 11th. Beyond November, there will be a rise in the level of luck, and your career will pickup for you.

A sudden rise in expenses and overheads is possible. It will not be easy to avoid this, although I will recommend that you avoid new commitments that go beyond October. Investment of any kind should be totally avoided till November 2nd.

Beyond November 2nd, a sudden rise in career will come, and there could be chances of a move to another position. It will, however, be a good idea to avoid a major change in career beyond November 11th.

Business matters will give stress and internal pressures till November 11th. There will be good improvement beyond this period. A very high level of fluctuations could come during March, July and November.

Job matters will be average and low profile mostly. There will be a sudden improvement after November 2nd. Very good opportunity and progress could come beyond this date. You should, however, avoid a major change or risks. Fluctuations and misleading trends are possible after December 7th.

Professionals have a better period after February 6th. There will be average progress till October 28th, and a sudden rise beyond that.

January, May, September and December should be favorable.

March, June, October and November could see hurdles.

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Pisces With:

ARIES – A Match Made In Heaven relationship

Fire and water do not normally mix, and that is why the Aries with Pisces love match could be a complex relationship. Pisces will need the Arian’s strength and ability to comfort when Pisces is tired or disillusioned, and just when Aries gets used to being depended on, Pisces will pull an about face and suddenly become independent and free spirited (but only for short periods!). His/Her intuition is uncanny and helps Pisces stay in tune with what the Arians ideas and emotions are.

At times Pisces will withdraw into his/her own secret and mystical world while in the process of working out some problem, which will cut the Arian out of the picture temporarily. Arians must understand that this is the way the Piscean is, and a main part of the first attraction. Since Aries is not out to change the world, when understanding of this trait is made plain to him/her, Aries is quite happy to give the Piscean room to meditate in peace.

The Piscean will usually let most of the decisions be made by Aries, unless his/her plans are interfered with, then he/she will simply ignore that decision. While Aries will spend a lifetime protecting, shielding, and arguing on Pisces’ behalf, Pisces’ intuition will not be evident in this area, as Pisces never seems to know this is happening. Pisces has absolutely no desire to change the fiery Aries, sometimes doting on his/her whirlwind ways; which could make Aries so happy that he/she could choose to revolve his/her life around the Piscean lover.

The Piscean lover is sensitive and sexually adaptable, but totally unable to accept criticism on this matter. His tendency, if male, is to go drinking with the boys, and this will interfere with their sex life, leaving her feeling badly used and frustrated. Generally, for these two, bedtime is fun time and Pisces does not mind letting Aries lead in these relations. You could safely say that this is a match made in Heaven!

TAURUS – Love Can Make It Work

At first, the Pisces may seem very adaptable, casual, and completely at ease in doing all the bidding of Taurus. This will probably be the thing that will hook Taurus and bring them together in the beginning. But Taurus is in for an awakening when he/she discovers that Pisces wants one thing one minute, and something else the next. While Taurus is trying to suggest approaching certain problems in a practical way, Pisces will come out with outlandish methods which often work out better than Taurus’ suggestions, and better than even Taurus would have believed.

Taurus likes to have the people he/she knows to look up to him/her, but Pisces suffers no such ideas, as Pisces is quite indifferent to anyones opinion, other than his/her own, but at times, Taurus will find Pisces is actually dependent on him/her. The Piscean is apt to stick his/her head in the sand should problems arise; refusing to discuss them sensibly, hoping that they simply go away, which they rarely do. When there are too many problems for Pisces to countenance, Pisces’ well known trait for heading for the nearest bar and pleasant companions to drown his/her problems (sorrows), will show itself.

The pisces, more the male than the female, is notorious for drowning his/her sorrows in this way, since being always torn in two directions at once, he/she finds it hard to make decisions. (This is a good candidate for the charts). Taurus must accept these shortcomings if they are to have a life together. On the other hand, the Psychic ability of Pisces will keep him/her on top of the Taurus’ feelings, and enable him or her to act and react with Taurus to keep him/her happy.

Sexually, Pisces is very sensitive to all the nuances of Taurus’ desires, and will try hard to keep him/her happy, but if failure brings on the Taurean criticism, Pisces will soon be looking for a new mate. This could be a good working match provided Taurus is not looking for, or expecting, a lot of strength in his/her mate. Love can make it work.

GEMINI – Not A Match Made In Heaven

In the Gemini with Pisces combination you have four people, or personalities, present to interact with each other since both of these signs are dual, or double-sided. One side of Pisces is positive, loaded with ideas one minute, while the other side is mystic, secretive, and illogical at the next; Gemini is also moody and changeable. Gemini may fall in love with only one side of Pisces, as the perception and intuition are a drawing card, and this facet of the personality makes Pisces able to understand Gemini’s every desire.

The other side of the Pisces personality could come as a shock to Gemini, as it is nothing that he/she may have been prepared for. Gemini will want to know the reason behind everything that Pisces will do, and Pisces, on the other hand, will withdraw into his/her own self to work out the problems, and make a decision on what he/she wants without ever giving a reason. Either Gemini learns to accept, and live with, this facet of the personality, or it will cause a lot of friction. Gemini often needs to exercise his/her mental abilities with the opposite sex, and this will cause the Piscean jealousy to escalate in intensity; something Gemini cannot abide.

Sexually, this would be a great match for a short wild relationship, but would be awful shaky in the long run. Although Pisces can provide the greatest mental stimulation for arousal, this will only lead to trying to resolve their differences in the bedroom until they come to realize that they must both face the world in order to survive.

CANCER – Love Can Make It Work

The facet of both their natures, strong imagination and instinctive intuitive powers, will enable each of them to understand the other with a minimum of trouble and misunderstandings. Emotional security is the need that is tantamount to the happiness of both; this coupled with a lot of effort on both sides will create a close relationship and a lasting bond. Pisces is a champion of the underdog, and he/she has a soft spot for all vulnerable beings. You will find Pisces’ home filled with stray animals of all sorts, as well as stray humans (on occasion), who have no place to go.

When Pisces gets in a depressed mood, or turns pessimistic for no reason at all, then Cancer must be prepared to pour much love, understanding, and a dash of optimism into the relationship to lift the Piscean spirit back up. There are times when the maternal instinct of Cancer is needed, because Pisces takes a lot of looking after – for Pisces is often inclined to depressions and drink; in this way, Cancer can happily express the maternal side of his/her nature, but Cancer should do this in a subtle manner, on the many instances that it is necessary.

A strong physical attraction is apt to be felt between them, and they each have active imaginations, although their sexual fantasies is more likely to be employed in a romantic manner. These two will use the sex life to enhance an already good relationship. Given the generalities, this would make a good match; love can make it work.

LEO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Pisces may at first seem to need protecting, or Mothering, and this could be the attraction for Leo. Leo will get a big surprise when Pisces suddenly becomes positive and takes the actions necessary on his/her own behalf. If Leo persists, and involves him or herself with unstable Pisces in a long term relationship; this can have drastic effects on Leo, as Leo always likes to know exactly where he/she stands in any situation. Both are vain, and both share the love of extravagant clothing, but that is about as far as the sharing will go.

Pisces is generous with love and attention, but on occasions will turn Leo off and retreat into a small quiet world all his/her own, while he/she works out a problem or makes a solitary decision. Leo will feel puzzled, hurt, left out, and frustrated at this kind of treatment. Leo is apt to throw him/herself into a round of parties and friends in order to combat those feelings, which in turn, puzzles and irritates Pisces. In this relationship it is Leo who will wind up deeply hurt, and a nervous wreck as the ability of Pisces to put that well-known Piscean intuition to work can disconcert Leo, as Leo will have no secrets from this person.

The bedroom activities could make or break this union as both are highly sexed and will enjoy the time spent together here. To keep Leo happy, Pisces must learn to control his/her changeable moods and keep them out of their lovelife, and if Leo can accept a weaker sign as a mate, then it might work out. Definitely not a match made in Heaven.

VIRGO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Pisces’ ability to sense Virgos every mood change and emotional needs of the moment may seem like a good thing, and it probably makes for most of the stress free moments that they will share, but it is hardly something to base a lifelong commitment on. Along with this perception of Virgo’s needs, he/she will also sense the other facets of personality that are not so pleasing to him/her such as: the cold and critical side that will manifest itself at every mistake that Pisces dares to make. Pisces will close his/her eyes to this for awhile.

Virgo will be encouraged to make most of the decisions, and Pisces willing abides by them, as long as no mistakes are detected. Should Virgo make a mistake in judgement then Pisces can become as critical as Virgo, and point the error out sharply. Pisces cannot seem to handle money as it slips through his/her fingers like water, so Virgo will have to deal with the financial end of the union. Virgo will want to sensibly discuss differences, while Pisces will retreat to his/her inner self to meditate and find the answers.

Virgo’s imagination in the bedroom is somewhat limited, and Pisces could put a strain on the Virgoan’s nerves when Pisces’ lets the imagination run to outrageous perversions. They must both make a lot of compromises to get through this match – which is definitely not made in Heaven.

LIBRA – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Pisces has a tendency towards paranoia and self pity, believing that someone somewhere is doing or thinking something bad against him or her. Feeling sorry for Pieces could be the catalyst for these two actually getting together, as Libra would be trying to cheer Pisces up. Libra approves of the Piscean romantic ways and sensitivity which, when turned in Libra’s direction, can make Libra feel like the most wonderful person in all the world.

Libra puts on an act for the most part, but Pisces really does feel the things he/she expresses, causing Libra to feel that Pisces takes life too seriously when he/she is exposed to the deep depressions that Pisces is frequently thrown into by the injustices of life. If Libra tries to comfort and comes off sounding patronizing, then this could occasion a neurotic burst of temper from Pisces. In a relationship, Pisces can be secretive, with Libras analyzing his/her every move – this could cause even further withdrawal.

Pisces prefers to lead in the bedroom, so Libra will have to control his/her tendency to be over demanding. Pisces is very conscious of Libras needs and desires, and will do his or her best to satisfy them, but any slipups pointed out by Libra will serve to wound the pride of Pisces to such an extent that he/she could lose interest in the sex act with Libra. This is not a match made in Heaven.

SCORPIO – A Match Made In Heaven

The drama inherent in these two signs could make for a very successful union, as neither partner is consumed by, or ruled by, common sense. All their actions are motivated by the intense emotional states they seem to stay in on a perpetual basis. Scorpio’s adept manner at probing his/her partner could enable the intricacies of Pisces’ secretive nature to be better understood by this sign than any other. Eventually, Scorpio will come to understand that applying pressure to Pisces will not work, but using persuasion could bring positive results.

Scorpio may occasionally think of Pisces as weak, since the Piscean nature is much less positive than Scorpio’s, and a lot more secretive and evasive at times. The Piscean popularity may also make Scorpio jealous and resentful, since Scorpio cannot be as effortlessly charming as Pisces in social situations. Should Pisces’ faults be pointed out too often, this can lead to some dark depressions; Scorpio will need to control the critical nature that is always close to the surface. Scorpio will also have to manage the finances, for dreamy Pisces has a problem with looking at life realistically.

Emotions are allowed to be dramatized and used in the bedroom to heighten sexual pleasure. The loving attention that Pisces shows Scorpio is likely to calm the Scorpions jealous nature and make for a happier relationship than most. This is a match that is made in Heaven.

SAGITTARIUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Both of these signs can be very charming, and they may have turned the full force of this on each other, and love just naturally followed. Later, when they are not being quite so charming, they may look at each other and privately wonder how in the world they ever got together in the first place. This is one of those matches that should have been run away from at first sight. Sagittarius has a frank, and candid manner that makes it hard for Pisces to understand, much less agree with. Pisces’ nature can be easily influenced by outside circumstances, and this makes a very complex sign which Sagittarius may have a hard time figuring out.

Pisces will effectively shut out Sagittarius when he/she withdraws into his/her private inner world to solve his/her personal problems. Pisces is not good at making decisions, so they will all have to be made by Sagittarius, who should avoid making them, but Pisces is too indecisive to be relied on in this area. Pisces is pessimistic, while Sagittarius is optimistic, which adds to the confusion of misunderstandings of each other, and along with these incompatibilities they will find that neither is equipped to cope with the other.

Sex is important to the both of them, and this factor could bring them together for awhile, but the relationship that is based on the purely physical is not destined to last for long. Both of these signs could be actively seeking a new mate by the time the ink dries on the marriage certificate. Not a match made in Heaven.

CAPRICORN – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Pisces is initially drawn to Capricorn’s efficiency in organizing his/her life, and hopes to get his/her own straightened out. Capricorn may be drawn by his/her demeanor of helplessness, but soon finds out that this is only one facet to the many in the Piscean personality, and that at other times could muster up the kind of strength it takes to rebel against Capricorn’s attempt at domination. It is at this point in time that the Piscean’s secretive side begins to manifest itself.
The Piscean silences can last for days, totally confusing Capricorn, who doesn’t know how to reach this person he/she has suddenly discovered, and no matter how hard he/she tries, there is no way of surmounting the wall placed between them. They are both prone to dark depressions, but Pisces has the ability to shake it off, while Capricorn needs reassurance and love to help him/her over them. This relationship can get frustrating, as just when Capricorn is ready to call it quits, Pisces will do a loving turn around; this will keep up until Capricorn can take no more and leaves.

Their sex life is not as good as they would expect, as Capricorn will still bring troubles and work to bed, while Pisces is able to leave them outside the bedroom. If the moods are right, all things considered, then sex could be enjoyable for them and bring them a new closeness. This is a very shaky union at best. Not a match made in Heaven.

AQUARIUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

While admiring the Aquarian’s involvement with the problems of others, Pisces may subconsciously remain detached from such activity, as his/her emotions can become all entangled in the other person’s problem – thereby creating even more of his/her own problems. In certain moods, Pisces will like to be fussed over and cared for, but in others, this attention will get a sharp rebuff. In some cases where Aquarius will not supply the warmth that Pisces need, then Pisces will grow to feel that Aquarius is a cold hearted individual who could not possibly be in love.

The Piscean is a highly complex personality that must be the center of attention in his/her lovers life, and this is disheartening to Aquarius, who believes in developing individuality. Pisces can have deep bouts of depression, and if he/she perceives that Aquarius is unsympathetic to these, he/she may cut Aquarius off completely and make his/her own private decision about their life together.

Pisces has the strongest sex drive of the two of them, and the cool exterior of Aquarius in their love making could cause a feeling of inadequacy in Pisces. Aquarius takes the problems of others with him/her to the bedroom, and Pisces is apt to think this makes the bed entirely too crowded. This is not a match made in Heaven.

PISCES – Not A Match Made In Heaven

While these two signs, who will know each other so well, could bring nothing but happiness and joy to one another, they usually use this insight to find the hidden, ingenious ways to inflict pain on each other in small ways that pierce to the heart. Emotionally, mentally and physically they are so in tune that this should make them inseparable, but in fact, just the opposite is the rule; at times, trying to please the other, and at other times the secretive side of their natures will clash and lead to conflict.

Each will not like the dependency of the other and will long for a stronger sign as a partner. Although they both enjoy a certain freedom to enjoy their own careers and life styles, it is possible for them to get so involved with their own concerns that they will entirely forget about the other, showing no consideration for the mate’s feelings. Financial arrangments are also a sore spot for them, as neither are able to make financial decisions or approach finances realistically.

Their sex life will be strong, and their active imaginations could lead to a swinging life style, as indeed, their whole relationship could be based on sex alone. This is not a match made in Heaven.

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Other-worldly, ultra-sensitive and intuitive, you really need to be needed. Fantasy prone and alive in the world of your vivid imagination, you nevertheless suffer from fear of rejection and low self-esteem (although you hide this well in your efforts to create the ideal, loving environment for your loved ones). You seek a sensitive, soulful friend, but can be dazzled by appearances which scramble your naturally powerful radar and send you into a tailspin.

Pisces, a feminine sign, is tender and caring, but frequently subject to relationships where the other partner is domineering and uncaring. You submerge yourself in the experience of the other, which is okay, so long as that other is what he or she appears to be. In the event that your partner is truly sensitive, artistic (and preferably dying of consumption…), yet strong and caring (with a satisfactory income), you will soar on the wings of love and the relationship will be ecstatic and fulfilling to both parties.

On the other hand, should you have picked a rotten apple from the barrel, you’ll prolong the agony to an interminable degree, for you will feel that you must have done something to deserve the misery and will flourish in the role of martyr. Ugh. If this happens to you, you must snap the chain of karma that has trapped you in the bubbling vat of despondence and get out quickly before you drown. There are lots of really wonderful people out there who will sense your needs and return your emotional investment in the most glowing of terms..

Your emblem, the Fishes, shows your duality. The contrast between the opposing sides of your personality is quite startling. One side of you is heroically romantic, wistful, imaginative, sensitive, sexually fulfilled, perceptive, creative, intuitive, even transcendental, while the other is depressive, masochistic, suicidal, frustrated, guilt-ridden, filled with self-loathing and a general doormat. Moreover, you can flick from one to the other of these sides of your character and back again with alarming ease and rapidity!

Pisces is a mutable sign, so you are best involved with a steadier, stronger personality who will tolerate and enjoy your romantic fantasies, yet still be there for you when the horrors strike deep in the night. There is no more loyal and caring lover than a piscean, but your need for emotional and sensual reassurance can lead to flirtations and dalliances that generate emotional instability.

Although you are the most loving and giving of the signs, your ability to select an inappropriate partner is legendary (bear this in mind as you suffer from the effects of delusion and haste). With the right partner, you are surely the ideal soul mate, lifelong friend and ally, although your sexuality reflects the needs of the other, to the extent that you can become confused as to what you really want and need. In the right relationship, your sexuality will blossom and become something of an art form, especially as you get a little older, more experienced and more confident.

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