Sagittarius Horoscope

~ The Archer ~
November 23 to December 21

MANTRA: Tie down spare cash before it flies off on another last-minute vacation.

With your innate positive outlook, your motto could be: Conceive and believe.

General : A positive month overall, as there will be progress and growth in various areas of life this month. Your own temperament could be unsteady after the 6th, and you should exercise caution in your dealings with others.

Hurdles in basic areas such as family and money will remain this month too. Be careful of your speech and communications after the 9th. Chances of the purchase of real estate / car are possible till the 9th. New avenues in career will open up this month with dynamism and growth. Support of family and friends will remain throughout.

Events to look forward to : Expansion and growth in career due to proactive steps till the 14th, a dynamic event at work which will help you overcome competition, high income, support, gains and rise in luxury.

Events to be cautious about : Ego at home, verbal controversy and issues in marriage, hurdles in family matters and pressures in home / residence issues, lack of complete clarity in career.

A sudden lucky break in career is possible close to the 9th. Some issues in relationships/friendships could crop up around the 27th.

First half of the month will be better than the second half of the month.

Career : Progress and gains from career, but there could be unstable trends mostly. A certain amount of a lack of focus could be experienced, with an occasional need to change strategy in your career. You need to avoid this. Positive trends will be present when the month starts, but some setbacks are possible around the 9th.

Unsteady trends are possible between the 3rd and 25th. Business matters will see positive trends and gains till the 9th, and then some setbacks. New gains are possible around the 14th, so you should be careful of your temperament and speech close to the 19th.

Job matters will remain positive and gainful mostly. Close to the 11th you should avoid controversy.

Professionals have a very good run till the 14th, and thereafter see a slowdown. Gains are possible due to hard work around the 9th, and due to assistance and people around the 25th.

Money Matters: Gains in money matters are possible, although some investments in dubious projects are possible. Be careful where you put your money. Income will remain very strong and positive. Some erratic and unsteady trends could come after the 6th, but it will bring upward spikes. Investments will be positive. You could look at debt instruments.

Romance / Marriage : A positive period in love matters, although passions could decrease in comparison to the last two months. There will be some amount of aggression and competition in love, which may be felt. Be cautious of a controversy close to the 19th. Sudden positive developments are possible around the 27th.

Marriage matters will be on a fine balance this month. Temperament of spouse could be volatile and unsteady after the 3rd, while some indiscrete speck could spoil the outlook after the 9th. The period between the 9th and 25th could be controversial, with your own temperament also unsteady. Positive developments between the 12th and 14th, but difficult issues could come around the19th.

Unmarried people might not get an opportunity for marriage this month


A positive phase will operate most of the year, as there will be gains in career, a rise in status, and support of friends throughout – till October 28th.

The year will commence with the phase of higher level of aggression coming to an end . There will be major improvements after February 6th.

New attractions and relationships could be present between January 13th and February 3rd.

High income and positive avenues will be present till October 28th. There will be some erratic trends, but with high level of gains between March 5th and July 6th. Your rationality could be compromised during this period, and it would be beneficial to avoid controversies and stubborn behavior during this time.

Friends could take advantage, and you should be cautious on this account. A change in the phase may come after October 28th, when you could tend to become detached to people around you, and seek solitude during this time. It is a period when you could feel lower self-esteem too. Devote time to spiritual pursuits and religious growth, and you will be happy. Chances of purchase / enhancement of real estate could also come during this time.

Further hurdles in personal life, the health of yourself or parents, and waste of money could be possible during this period. The problems will be high and more difficult till April 5th, and improve thereafter. Overall mental stress and setbacks in personal matters will remain till November 2nd. A turnaround in luck, and an improvement in family and money matters will be possible. Setbacks in personal issues could come again after December 7th.

Pressures at home, and pressures from your mother, or other close family at home, could be high. This phase will continue till November 11th, and it could also see a lack of comfort at home, and some setbacks in real estate issues.

The company of unreliable people could also cause some setbacks in professional life. Widespread changes will come after November 11th, and there will be expansion in career and a rise in your ability to take on challenges. A rise of interest in spiritually and religion could come with this phase, too, and mental levels will change hereafter.

Erratic trends will operate between March 5th and July 6th. The level of activity and mental courage will be low between November 9th and December 6th.

Important areas of life should not be under pressure or be tested during this time.

Some difficult events at home could develop around the end of March, due to relationships and health of the family.

Career could see some depression around September.

February, May, August and October will be positive months.

Romance / Marriage

A phase of aggression in relationships and love matters will continue till February 6th. There could have been an origination of this phase in July of 2005, but will finally leave you in February.

Feelings and emotions could be high throughout till February 3rd. There will be a sudden revival in relationships after January 13th, and a lot of lateral thinking will come into play. Overall, a vibrant and positive period, both in love as well as marriage issues, between March and October 28th. Sudden changes in thinking could come between March 5th and July 6th, which could create high activity – and therefore some unwanted pressure. Avoid sudden decisions during this time.

Unmarried people are likely to find marriage prospect till 28th October.

Beyond November, a dip in overall relations is possible, due to a fall in your own social outlook. November and December could see a gradual dip in interaction with friends too. Not an easy period for either marital matters or friendships. Casual friendships could increase after November 11th. Marriage is likely to see good times in January, April, September and October. But some difficult and erratic trends are possible in February, March, July and November.

Love matters will be positive in February, May, September and November.

Hurdles possible in April, July, October and December.


High level of activity will exist in career, although there will be hurdles too.

A certain lack of focus, and some self-doubts in the direction of career could exist throughout, till November 11th. Major changes or moves in career should be avoided.

Hurdles and pressures due to overwork, and other pressures exist till April 5th. Chances or plans for a move should be deferred till such time. There will be good amount of gains and a rise in income during this period, till October 28th. Very positive trend in career will exist between April 5th and October 28th.

Some volatility in thought, and a rise in the level of activity will come between March 5th and July 6th.

Career could see some increase in fluctuation during March, July and November.

Upward moves in status could come after November 2nd, while much more clarity and focus will emerge after November 11th. Expansion in career, due to hard work, and better luck in money and family matters will help ease the career, too.

A dip in mental condition and a general level of cutoff will curtail the level of self-promotion and networking skills after October 28th.

Business could find hurdles and discomfort.

Finances will cause problems, especially prior to April 5th.

Job matters will see good growth and expansion till October 28th, and see a dip thereafter.

September 20th to December 7th could be a quiet period. New offers could come after November 11th.

Professionals will find very good success till October 28th, and a dip thereafter. Wrong career decisions are possible after November 11th.

February, May, September and October will see progress.

Hurdles are possible in January, June, November and December.

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ARIES – A Match Made In HeavenĀ 

Aries and Sagittarius are both the energetic fire signs and share a love of the outdoors, physical activity, and doing various things together. For this reason, there will probably be an instant attraction on the part of these two that could last a very long time, although Aries may doubt the Sagittarian’s ability to make a success of a long term commitment, and in turn, Sagittarius could believe that Aries is ideal as long as Aries accepts the Sagittarian’s idea of freedom.

The Sagittarian feels that Aries should conquer the jealousy he or she may feel over what the Sagittarian considers ‘harmless’ flirtations. Aries feels that the Sagittarian must be true in order to earn any respect and consideration he or she has any right to. Later in life, Sagittarius may come to appreciate the warmth and advantages of the domestic scene, but Aries can not rely on this.

No matter what age, the Sagittarian will always gamble with life and relationships, which could keep Aries in an angry mood most of the time. At least life with Sagittarius will never be hum-drum, if Aries’ nerves can withstand so much chaos. Sagittarius is not naturally faithful and feels most comfortable when juggling several affairs at once.

Aries, having much the same traits as Sagittarius, will find living with this individual an…interesting proposition, but not if raising a family is the Arian objective, as Sagittarius is anything but a family person. While there is love-a-plenty to go around, Sagittarius will rarely take the time with children that an Arian will. All in all this could be a very good match and if the stars are well aspected, you could say it is a match made in Heaven.

TAURUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

The trouble will start when these two fall in love because before that, as good friends, Sagittarius would be good for Taurus, teaching Taurus to be more flexible and to broaden the horizons. Taureans hate change in relationships, while Sagittarius will find it hard to sustain a level of affection for any length of time. Sagittarius is an adventurer and loves the outdoors, while Taurus is content to pursue indoor activities.

When Taurus refuses to join in with the Sagittarian’s sporting ways, he/she will find someone who will. There are few, if any, natural domestic talents in Sagittarius (unless the stars are well placed), and the Taurean’s domestic abilities are not given a second thought. Sagittarius hardly notices the Taurean’s ability to keep or provide a comfortable home for him/her.

Sagittarius can take criticism and will even change just a little bit, but he/she can never be tamed by Taurus, and fidelity is rare with the half-man, half-beast Sagittarian; the jealous nature of Taurus would be forever in an uproar over this. Constantly keeping up with Sagittarius both in and out of the bedroom would take a toll on Taurus. Sexually, Taurus is expected to be very versatile, for Sagittarius will want to act out his/her fantasies, which will appall the Taurean sense of propriety and conservative nature. One or two suggestions made by Sagittarius in the bedroom could kill their love almost immediately! This might make a great friendship, but anything more is not advised. Not a match made in Heaven.

GEMINI – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Sagittarius is easy to fall in love with, due to the fact that he/she is full of fun and life, plus genuine love for his/her fellow creature; it is not an easy task to make this love last. The Gemini’s need to talk, learn, and observe could be a drawing card for Sagittarius who share these same traits.

Gemini has a well hidden stubborn streak that could give Sagittarius cause for pause when he/she does not always go along with his/her ideas and plans, as material things are not a consideration for him/her. Since both of these signs are people-magnets they will have precious little time alone.

They both need to have a lot of personal freedom, but in different ways. Sagittarius must always feel that he/she is free and can do anything he/she pleases, whereas Gemini will only want to do the forbidden, or restricted. Although a nagger, Sagittarius cannot abide anyone nagging him/her, which will give the feel of restricting his/her personal freedom; this will eventually drive Sagittarius away.

Jealousy by Gemini will play a big role here, as Sagittarius can seldom be true. Their sex life will be rewarding, and this is practically the only area where you will find compatibility in a love match. This is a match not made in Heaven.

CANCER – A Match NOT Made In Heaven

This is a case where both should enter this relationship wearing boxing gloves and be prepared to use them, as both of them will have to absolutely love fighting, as rows and agruments are sure to flourish. Cancer must be prepared to come out of his/her shell and live life to the fullest, and not spend any time in lying around in a sulk.

Sagittarius will expect Cancer to follow along with his/her ideas and very active social life, joining in as much fun (Sagittarius’ idea of fun!) as possible. On occassions when Cancer has had it! and wishes to stay home, put the feet up, and watch television, Sagittarius will try to talk Cancer into accompanying him/her. Should this fail, Sagittarius will go out alone and find ‘other’ excitement.

Sagittarius is a man full of charm and believes his/her freedom to be all important, and should Cancer take offense, or display a jealous reaction, then Sagittarius will start to feel as though he/she made a serious mistake in choosing Cancer in the first place. Cancer’s loving, nurturing ways are what drew Sagittarius; it is not enough to keep him or her true.

Sexually, Sagittarius is very active, and as a rule, Cancer is easily satisfied. This can leave Sagittarius feeling let down and depressed and unfulfilled, which in turn will send him/her searching for a new partner. This is not a recommended union, and it is not a match made in Heaven.

LEO – Love Can Make It Work

Leo and Sagittarius have the same warm, generous, loving traits, but what Leo has yet to learn is that Sagittarius ‘gives’ to everyone – but no one captures his or her exclusive attention for long; Leo could get his or her heart broken in this scenario. Sagittarius is apt to come up with some wild idea, or big gamble, in a chance to make a lot of money, and will entice Leo’s support, but should everything fall through, or losses prevail, then Sagittarius will still be grateful for Leo’s love and support, but will make him/her share the blame.

Sagittarius must have his/her ‘space’ for exercising the personal freedom so well loved by the centaur. Sagittarius cannot understand Leo having fits of jealousy over a few harmless flirtations of his/hers, but will be very possessive of Leo. Being an outdoor person and a sports enthusiast, Sagittarius will not mind if Leo prefers to stay at home in comfort, as long as they can reach agreements on other recreational pursuits for togetherness.

If Leo does not try to tame this one, and does not condemn and argue over the sexual indiscretions that he/she commits, Sagittarius may someday decide that there is no reason to look elsewhere for the satisfaction he/she can find at home. This can be a relationship that has the potential to be very rewarding, with the right combination of the compatibility charts. Love can make it work.

VIRGO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Virgo is not a jealous person by nature, but with Sagittarius, these feelings will be quiet easily aroused since Sagittarius, a great believer in personal freedoms, will find it hard to confine him/her self to the restraints of a faithful relationship, as he/she does not think that love means possession. Sagittarius will also find it tough going with Virgo, who believes in having financial security and planning for the future; Sagittarius treats this subject as a minor annoyance at the best.

Dreaming the impossible dream is normal for Sagittarius, who never worries what the bills will be like next month, or where the grocery money is coming from, and surprisingly, these dreams do have a way of coming true from time to time, which is terribly unsettling for Virgo. As both have an interest in outdoor activity, this could bring them close for awhile, but only temporarily. Sharing an interest in other less important matters, such as travel, is hardly enough to base a lifetime commitment on and expect it to work.

Since Virgo is not one to place too great an emphasis on the sexual side of life, and does not have the same appetites that Sagittarian’s have, Sagittarius may well feel that he or she is justified in finding a new lover from time to time, which will cause many fights. This is not a very good union; not a match made in Heaven.

LIBRA – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Inhibition not being a part of either personality in this match, they are apt to meet in the morning and be in bed together by nightfall, as the physical attraction will be very strong for both. The happy, pleasure-seeking Libra will be greatly drawn to such a happy-go-lucky character as Sagittarius. They are also likely to become good friends, as Libra has a way of offering encouragement of his/her wild schemes and ideas, no matter how impractical they may actually be.

Although Sagittarius likes to claim he/she is not the jealous type, with Libra as a mate, that statement soon proves to be false; Libra will cause many instances of jealous attacks to Sagittarius, as Libra is the outgoing, friendly type that is always surrounded by admirers and well wishers at any function he or she attends.

Finances could be a sore point in this union, as neither of these signs are good money managers or planners for the future, near or the one at hand. Constant financial pressure could be the trigger that will ruin their relationship unless one of them forces themselves to become more conscientious about their income and expenses, forcing the other to see reason, and cutting back on extravagances.

The strong attraction that lured them in the beginning is not likely to last, as they each prefer a life in constant motion of interacting with others. Sagittarius loves to flatter, and court Libra, and makes a good listener, which will enable him/her to detect Libras need for stimulation. While it lasts, the sexual relations will be satisfying to both, but this is more a romance left as an affair, and not a lifetime commitment. Not a match made in Heaven.

SCORPIO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

These two are so unlike as to make one wonder whatever could have been the attraction for either of them in the first place. If it was a strictly a physical attraction, it is not likely to last for one whole season, much less a lifetime. Scorpio is the type who lives to possess the ones he/she loves, and to manipulate them in anyway he/she chooses. This would not set well with the freedom-loving, independent Sagittarius, who refuses to be tied down or restricted in any way. All of Scorpio’s attempts in this direction would be wasted on this personality.

It is almost impossible for any one person to tame this one, as he/she will chase excitement, adventure, and the opposite sex with equal abandon. Scorpio would have to handle the finances, and the risks that Sagittarius takes daily would soon have Scorpio a nervous wreck. There is no way that Sagittarius will ever be a reasonable, serious person no matter how hard Scorpio tries to turn him/her into one.

If Sagittarius gets the impression that he/she is thought of as the exclusive sexual property of Scorpios, and it would be unwise for Scorpio to act as if this is so, that is when he/she begins to kick over the traces and will go bed-hopping. This is an unlikely alliance, and not a match made in Heaven.

SAGITTARIUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

This sign doubled is at first glance, the ideal situation, as both are freedom-loving people and each will feel they are in the ideal situation to exercise their desires in complete assurance of the acceptance of the other. They will live in a mad social whirl, barely touching bases with each other from time to time. More friends than they are lovers. They also share a love of the truth, and value it highly in their mate, but after hearing the details of the others affairs they will begin to feel a jealous hurt that they are reluctant to show.

With this mad whirl they also begin to realize they never have any time together. The great outdoors may help in this area, but it makes a poor substitute for togetherness that is needed to make a relationship work in the long term. At this point in the match they will find it will not take much to break them up and send them on in different directions, a little wiser for the interlude. The constant financial pressure, brought on by the fact that both like to gamble with life, is another factor that can put them at odds.

In the bedroom they each have an open mind about sex, and anything goes, even an orgy. This relationship will have to be worked at diligently, each trying to make the other feel important, and not cause too many wounds to the ego. This is not a likely combination unless both are searching for an open marriage. This is not a match made in Heaven.

CAPRICORN – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Sagittarius, frequently in trouble with finances, will be very impressed by Capricorns level headed approach to this matter. On the other hand, Capricorn may find that the lighthearted, carefree personality of Sagittarius will take his/her mind off a mountain of worries, and give him/her a chance to loosen up and enjoy life more. After a little time has passed, they both find that the very things they admired in one another is the thing that will cause the most trouble between them. Sagittarius’ penchant for spending money frivolously will give Capricorn many headaches.

In response to the nagging that will follow these types of spending, Sagittarius may decide that she/he has married a boorish, stick in the mud who doesn’t care for him/her. The Sagittarian’s general outlook on life as a playground will clash mightily with Capricorns staid, serious, and reserved way of thinking. Capricorns black depressions gets no sympathy from Sagittarius, who caused most of them, for he/she sees nothing to be depressed about.

Sagittarius may get him/herself up in an enticing manner, expecting some appreciation and sexual entertainment the minute Capricorn walks in, but Capricorn is as apt to just sit down and start in on the work he/she brought home from the office, which will only serve to infuriate Sagittarius. Their sex life is very apt to be frustrating for both parties, although Sagittarius will feel this more keenly than Capricorn. Not a match made in Heaven.

AQUARIUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Since Aquarius is disenchanted with the weaker types of the signs and finds Sagittarius, who oozes strength, he/she will at first believe this to be a perfect mate. Sagittarius may have been searching for someone who would be able to live the kind of free and easy life style that he/she enjoys, and at first sight, which will probably be at a social function, Sagittarius falls for Aquarius in a big way.

Sagittarius approves of the Aquarian’s constant involvement with the world, and fails to realize that while Sagittarius is living life in a carefree way, and can come home at night in a light hearted mood, Aquarius cannot do this. Aquarius is too busy trying to cure all the ills of the world, help the down and out, and generally be at the beck and call of others no matter what time of day or night, others except Sagittarius, who will be left alone to use that inner strength Aquarius fancies he/she to have.

Sagittarius, being a much more hot blooded person than Aquarius, and free from most sexual inhibitions, may find the bedroom becoming the battle ground, especially when Aquarius is not as responsive as Sagittarius would like, and eventually Sagittarius will seek satisfaction elsewhere. This is not a match made in Heaven.

PISCES – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Both of these signs can be very charming, and they may have turned the full force of this on each other, and love just naturally followed. Later, when they are not being quite so charming, they may look at each other and privately wonder how in the world they ever got together in the first place. This is one of those matches that should have been run away from at first sight. Sagittarius has a frank, and candid manner that makes it hard for Pisces to understand, much less agree with. Pisces’ nature can be easily influenced by outside circumstances, and this makes a very complex sign which Sagittarius may have a hard time figuring out.

Pisces will effectively shut out Sagittarius when he/she withdraws into his/her private inner world to solve his/her personal problems. Pisces is not good at making decisions, so they will all have to be made by Sagittarius, who should avoid making them, but Pisces is too indecisive to be relied on in this area. Pisces is pessimistic while Sagittarius is optimistic, which adds to the confusion of misunderstandings of each other ,and along with these incompatibilities they will find that neither is equipped to cope with the other.

Sex is important to the both of them and this factor could bring them together for awhile, but the relationship that is based on the purely physical is not destined to last for long. Both of these signs could be actively seeking a new mate by the time the ink dries on the marriage certificate. Not a match made in Heaven.

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Sagittarius, a masculine sign, is adventurous and not averse to the thrill of risk-taking. Your positive, life-affirming optimism makes you a lot of fun and great to be around. You love any new form of sexual expression that challenges and excites you. Both tolerant and eager to please, your honesty can sometimes prove too much for those who prefer a more mysterious, or veiled approach to love.

Your ancient emblem is the Centaur, a mythical creature famed for its wisdom and its unique half-man, half-horse combination of the human intellect and animal passions.

These animal passions are pretty much straightforward in their expression. You don’t seek convoluted or theoretical discussions on the nature of love; you’d rather get on with it, because it is natural and you hate to thwart nature in the pursuit of self-expression…

A famous emblem for Sagittarius is the Archer, armed with the arrow of truth. Free and honest in your approach, you expect others to be likewise. Your arrow shoots for the stars, holding the blazing light of truth in an arc that illuminates the world.

Admirers should remember that your honesty can on occasions be brutally frank, especially when extolling the virtues of your actions, or recounting one of your more dubious exploits.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign; you are best involved with a steadier, stronger personality, who can understand your need for independence (and desire for variety), yet still be there for you even after you have smashed a few dinner plates in frustration. Your frank and open motives are often misunderstood.

You are willing to experiment with all manner of relationship styles, although you hate to be tied down in any way. So long as your partner is able to keep up with your wide- ranging interests and is prepared to come up with new experiments in lovemaking (and certainly does not mind you doing the same), your relationship will be exciting and reasonably long-lasting. Mutual honesty is the key to success for the Sagittarian.


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