Scorpio Horoscope


~ The Scorpion ~
October 23 to November 22

MANTRA: A good idea’s worth far more than its weight in gold.

General : There will be hurdles this month, due to a mental cut-off and a disturbed state of mind. Clarity will be present in thinking compared to the last few months, but still, opposition to ideas will exist this month too. Marital matters could be aggressive throughout. An unsocial phase operates, and it could be more acute after the 6th, as there could be an increase in hurdles.

A rise in expenses is possible, although they would be productive mostly.

Events to look forward to : Gains from real estate or other fixed sources of income, the possibility of a purchase of property or a car, and a growth in relationships.

The level of aggression in thought and speech could be high. This could bring controversy and wrong utterances at work and home around the 19th. Happiness in love and marriage matters is possible around the 27th.

Events to be cautious about : Ego at home and in thought, arguments in marital matters, mentally low phase, pessimism.

Second half of the month could be better than the first half of the month.

Career: An average phase in career continues. There could be a slowdown overall, and it will be beneficial to keep a low profile and not spoil the momentum. New ideas could come up after the 14th.

Business matters will see entry into new areas. But it is advised that you keep the growth plans rational. Some kind of stress could come around the 11th. Sudden growth opportunities are possible around the 27th.

Job matters will be average and low profile. It would be beneficial to avoid controversy or aggression especially around 19th.

Professionals have an erractic month. It will begin with anxiousness around the 3rd, but a sudden relief in stress could come from the 9th. Stability is possible after the 25th. Avoid controversy around the 19th, and new growth opportunities around the 14th.

Money Matters: Money matters look downwards, and further, from the 6th onward, the pressure of commitment and old investments could even more cause anxiety. Chances of the purchase of property / car is possible after the 9th, up to the 25th. Income will be below average till the 9th, and pickup after that.

Investments should be handled very cautiously, and any speculation should be avoided.

Romance / Marriage: New friendships and development should occur in love/relationships, although the element of pessimism will remain, which will not be really supportive of steady / happy relationships. You need to increase your social contract for happiness in love matters. An issue could crop up around the 11th and 25th, while good progress is possible close to the 14th and 27th.

Marriage matters will be positive throughout the month. There will be very good developments around the 27th.

Unmarried people might not get an opportunity for marriage this month.


Following the turbulent phase for career, which commenced in October, there will residual career issues till February 6th, and thereafter, you will find that progress and movement will come back to normal again after February 6th. Further, will find yourself in a phase of being mentally detailed and fine-tuned with people around you, as well as friends / relatives, till October 28th. There will be a phase of low mental energy in pro-active areas, while spirituality /religion, and studies in the supernatural will thrive. This is a great period to uplift yourself on the spiritual platform.

There could be a chance to purchase property on gains from real estate /enhancement till October 28th.

The period between March 5th and July 6th will see a rise in the level of activity in both the above aspects.

Furthermore, from October 28th onward, a tremendous turnaround will come in your thinking. There will be an improvement in financial commitment, and you will find a maturity in your thinking which will take you through a phase of growth in the next 4-5 years. Happiness in children-related areas will also be present after October. Level of wisdom and depth in thinking will rise.

The year will commence with a volatile phase, which could effect level of luck, as well as moral values. There will also be an erratic phase in domestic / real estate matters till April 8th. New steps and decisions should be avoided till such date. The current phase will continue till November 2nd.

Beyond November 2nd, a difficult period in career is possible, as there will be sharp pressures from superiors and people in authority. Major career moves and changes should be avoided after November 2nd, since they could backfire. The period after December 7th could be particularly difficult.

Furthermore, you might find the year somewhat anxious and pessimistic. A tendency to be worried and stressed could be present till November 11th. It would be advisable for you to make adequate effort to remain positive and calm, and also avoid adverse comments to people close to you. Best to keep a low profile!

Investments and speculations should be strictly avoided. Income from unexpected sources will be present, and there could be inflows of unexpected income too. It would be best to protect this money.

From November 11th onward, there will be an improvement in thinking. There will, however, be problems in family matters, and also the level of comfort at home could diminish. It will not be advice able to move location, home, or make career change after November 11th.

There will be a drop in energy and a lower spirit between September 2nd and December 16th. Avoid major activity and challenges during this time.

Some problems connected with children and speculation investments are possible toward the end of March. Be cautious.

January, April, August and November will be beneficial.

Romance / Marriage

The year begins with volatile trends, in both love as well as marriage matters. High level of activity and new attractions could preoccupy your mind till January 13th, when there will be a sudden revert back to family life and a focus on issues closer to home.

February 3rd will see some stability back in all forms of relationships.

Marriages and general outlook will remain cutoff till October 28th. Between March 5th to July 6th could see the concern rise overall. A sudden revival and positive moves will come after October ends. Further, unmarried people will see a good possibility of marriage after October 28th, till end of the year. Also, a rise of pressure in marital issues could come about, due to the high focus on career, and a latent urge to dominate spouse. This could cause issues after December 7th till end of the year.

Love matters and relationships could see difficult trends till November 11th, as the thinking will be negative and pessimistic, which is likely to cause disruption of current relationships. New relationships formed during this time could create worry and stress too. Improvement here is possible after November 11th.

Love matters will see positive trends in January, May, August and November.

Some issues could crop up during June, July, September and October.

Marriage will remain low profile till October 28th, and pickup thereafter.

Some difficult times are possible during February, March and June.


A year of low activity and progress in career. There will be tremendous progress after November 2006.

A somewhat turbulent phase in work could have been in operation since July 2005. This phase will finally end in February, and will make way for new areas of work in career.

Work environment could remain unstable till April 5th, and improve thereafter. New sudden developments in career are possible after November 2nd. There will be increase in activities, as well as pressures thereafter.

Furthermore, a slow and low profile phase in personal and professional life is possible till October 28th. There will be a remarkable improvement after October 28th. Career could go into a phase of indecision after November 11th. There could be a desire to seek a change, or make changes in career. You should avoid this urge, as it could probably be a bad decision at this particular time.

A move of location due to career is also possible after November 11th.

Business matters will be average, and low on activity, till October 28th. There will be a rise in status and gains after October 28th. New areas will develop further after November 11th.

Job matters will be better after February 6th, while there will be new opportunities after April 5th. Status in job will also rise after October 28th.

Professionals have a difficult phase till November 2nd.

There could be pressures till April 5th, but overall improvement will come after October 28th.

January, April, September and November will see progress.

March, June, and October could see hurdles.

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ARIES – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Of all the relationships this is perhaps the hardest one to achieve harmony in, as the Arian ability to give way to others will be severely put to the test by the Scorpions attempt to take him/her over; and he/she will do the opposite of what Scorpio wants in an attempt to simply be contentious. One of their main problems will be Scorpio’s unreasonable jealousy, which is a deep rooted part of the Scorpio nature and cannot be changed. The mate that fails this type is in for a very rough time.

Aries would soon become highly claustrophobic if he/she must follow the Scorpions way of nesting. Scorpio feels that the domestic environment is the place to be completely relaxed and cut off the rest of the world, while Aries is more interested in being involved in the world, and living life to the fullest. Aries, on the other hand, will want to have parties, and friends running in and out most of the time, things that would drive scorpio up the wall. Scorpio usually mates for life, but this could be the exception to that rule.

Scorpio has certain ideals which his/her mate is expected to live up to, and any failure on the part of Aries to live up to these ideals will cause Scorpio to push him or her right out of the scorpio mind and heart. Sexually, Scorpio’s jealous nature results in being over-demanding with total possession expected. Aries, a dominate, (and dominating), fire sign, is not about to sit still for being dominated. Not a recommended union.

TAURUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Both of these signs can be extremely stubborn, opionated, and set in their ways. These types of nature can reflect back on their relationship, making even minor issues a cause for all out war, and the more serious conflicts will become absolutely intolerable. With all their conflicts, financial problems are not likely to be one of them, as they both take a serious approach to the finances.

Each is possessive and jealous, but this is likely to bring them closer together ,as each will understand the feelings of insecurity that the other is experiencing. Taurus and Scorpio share the basic needs for a secure and stable background, and domestic environment will play a large part in their life together. These attitudes and traits shared by them is the only thing that will make their relationship a workable proposition.

The fixed mind of both will continually interfere with their efforts to work on their differences in an unprejudiced manner, as the fights would not stop long enough for any suggestion made by Taurus or Scorpio to be implemented. The strong emotional nature of Scorpio in confrontation with the rational, and realistic Taurus, will be one more cause of tension.

Their sex life will be erratic at best, but, though both have active sexual appetites, the times when their desires coincide could be far too few to be satisfying in a long term relationship.

GEMINI – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Gemini is the type who tries to live a full, busy life, but not so with Scorpio, as Scorpio is more centered on the idea of self-improvement. Gemini takes joy in being with stimulating people, and this could give rise to the Scorpio jealousy, which is always just under the surface, since Scorpio is very suspicious of other people.

Scorpio has a protective urge towards his/her mate and will do his/her utmost to protect that person. This type of individual needs a mate to be proud of him/her. Although Scorpio tries hard to make Gemini happy, he/she fails often because Gemini needs to be involved with many other people, living life to the fullest to be happy. The Scorpion’s jealousy and possessiveness is appalling to Gemini. and this could cause a breakup, as Gemini would feel like he/or she was imprisoned rather than attached.

Their moods do not always coincide, but when they do, this serves to bring them closer together. But this state of affairs does not happen often enough to make a happy union, due to Scorpios insecure feelings – which can lead to violent, often physical, quarrels; after which he or she could seek refuge in drink or drugs.

The sexual relationship of this couple is about as shaky as the regular, marital one, since most bedroom activities are shaded by the foregoing events of the day, and is unlikely to be one that will bring much happiness or satisfaction to either of them. This is definitely not a recommended relationship. Not a match made in Heaven.

CANCER – A Match Made In Heaven

Scorpio and Cancer are both motivated by emotion and intuition, and the bond they share will be very strong. Scorpio throws his/her heart and soul into a relationship and expects his/her mate to be true, and will keep a jealous eye open for any wrong doing; if Scorpio is the man in this match he will be an excellent provider.

Fortunately for the relationship, Cancer’s beliefs are a mirror of Scorpios and Cancer will not give any reason for the Scorpion jealousy to blossom. Scorpio works hard, either at home or on a job, and his/her home is the place reserved for peace and quiet, which is necessary to unwind from all of the daily tensions. If the Scorpio’s emotional needs are met, and he/she is comfortable with the trust he/she will put in Cancer, then you can expect Scorpio not to look at any other member of the opposite sex.

Cancer’s natural concern for other people may somehow lead Scorpio to think that they are using Cancer’s good nature and disposition; secretly these thoughts will come from a touch of jealousy of Cancer’s interest in someone besides him/her. Cancer has great respect for Scorpio, and even though Cancer is of a slightly critical nature, Cancer will learn to phrase these criticisms without wounding Scorpio’s pride.

Cancer can be possessed completely by Scorpio in sexual relations, and be inspired to greater response than he/she can with any other sign. Cancer is able to express her/himself more with Scorpio, thus widening Cancers horizons of passion. You have to say, this is a match made in Heaven.

LEO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Scorpio has a way of dissecting everyone who happens to fall under his/her watchful eyes, but will be highly insulted should Leo try the same with Scorpio’s personality. Leo has an open manner of speaking, but he/she will not tell all about themselves, they like to hold some things back to Scorpio’s indignant and fiery objections, when and if Leo is found out – no matter how innocent it was.

Scorpio is secretive and does not fully open up, so he/she finds it hard to find a suitable partner due to his/her over demanding and overbearing ways. Scorpio expects total obedience and an absorbtion in his/her work and life, to the suppression of Leos; this will bring on much unhappiness and bitterness on Leo’s part. Scorpio likes to dictate how Leo spends money but will have no qualms in spending for things he/she may want. True, Leo is known to spend too much money at times, but Scorpio wants it ‘cleared’ with him/her first.

Scorpio’s sexual appetites could be overactive, which could make up to Leo for a lot of other things. Sexual relations are also an area where Leo will give into Scorpio’s wishes and, when it is noticed that Scorpio has a reluctance to give into Leo, Leo will feel hurt and rejected. This is a storm-tossed relationship best left unboarded. A match not made in Heaven.

VIRGO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Both of these signs are born critics and are ready, willing, and able to air their grievances against each other at a moments notice, although neither feels very good when they are the subject of the other’s criticisms. When Virgo is the target, Virgo will resort to nagging, but when Scorpio is the one, he/she will withdraw and seethe in resentment against Virgo. Scorpio has intense likes and dislikes, and along with his/her complex nature, he/she is emotionally insecure; this makes it difficult for Virgo to even begin to understand Scorpio.

Scorpio can fly into jealous rages for no reason, even if Virgo has proved to be a faithful mate, and the general Scorpio views are hard for Virgo to take or agree with, for Virgo always sees the other side of the situation, and the other persons point of view. Scorpio may go to Virgo looking for sympathy and understanding, and will be upset when he/she finds Virgo rationalizing the probability that Scorpio may have deserved what he/she got.

Scorpio could be over demanding in the bedroom, due in part to his/her insecurities and a need of reassurance in the relationship. Sex seems to be the only form of relief in this match for this personality, as he/she is not good at self expression. Virgo is basically a cool person, and this overabundance of ardor would not be handled well. This is a very hard relationship to make work, it is not a match made in Heaven.

LIBRA – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Scorpio’s intense avowal of love and flattery will be very attractive to Libra in the beginning, and even the jealous possessiveness will come across as being romantic at first blush. But very soon, Libra will begin to feel trapped and confined by Scorpios ways, and as soon as this begins to happen, Scorpio will only cling that much tighter to Libra.

This clinging could result in driving Libra into an affair with someone else who does not make him/her feel restricted in any way. Scorpio is not the forgiving type and any infidelity will never be forgotten by this sign, and any taking back after this happens, will be to get revenge on Libra for his/her act. Libra could find it hard to stand up to the forcefulness of Scorpio, and the Libran sense of justice could be outraged by such behavior.
To achieve any kind of peace and harmony Libra may have to be more considerate of Scorpio’s feelings, as he/she recognizes the deep love that this sign may have for him/her, while Scorpio must try to keep an open mind and not be so restrictive in his/her attitudes toward Libra. Scorpio will also have to handle the finances, as Libra can’t see any sense in budgets or wasting time in worry over paying the bills.

While both are well endowed with a healthy sexual appetite, Scorpio is all passion and slightly animalistic in his/her approach to satisfaction, but Libra requires mental stimulation and a lot of excitement if one partner is to satisfy for very long. Libra’s needs are triggered by the frame of mind, and it will be up to Scorpio to provide this stimulus in the form of books, films, etc. and use it accordingly. This is a love/hate relationship and not a match made in Heaven.

SCORPIO – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Although Scorpios have many good traits, they also have some faults that run to extremes, and these are likely to turn on each other in a close relationship. The first impressions they get of one another could be a wild infatuation that may deepen into love very quickly. As typical Scorpios, they have some very violent likes and dislikes, and if these are not shared, or exactly in tune with the other’s views, neither will budge or compromise to restore the peace.

They each share traits of suspicion and jealousy, which is deeply ingrained in their natures, although loyalty to one another may act as a check on these emotions. The male of the species must be the bread winner and the guiding light of the match, and if challenged for this position by the female, it is likely to cause his aggressiveness to show; this is when the fights will start. The arguments could be strong enough to degenerate into actual physical fights. Too much of this and, Scorpio-like, they both could start drowning their sorrows in the bottom of a bottle.
Their passions are shared and the fires of desire burns brightly,, and this is possibly what will keep their relationship on a sane level. While understanding each other quite well, they will continue to fight – for what one hates in the other is the same aspect of his/herself that he/she is really fighting. A nerve wracking relationship and not one made in Heaven.

SAGITTARIUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

These two are so unlike as to make one wonder whatever could have been the attraction for either of them in the first place. If it was a strictly a physical attraction, it is not likely to last for one whole season, much less a lifetime. Scorpio is the type who lives to possess the ones he/she loves and to manipulate them in anyway he/she chooses. This would not set well with the freedom loving, independent Sagittarius, who refuses to be tied down or restricted in any way. All of Scorpio’s attempts in this direction would be wasted on this personality.

It is almost impossible for any one person to tame this one, as he/she will chase excitement, adventure, and the opposite sex with equal abandon. Scorpio would have to handle the finances, and the risks that Sagittarius takes daily would soon have Scorpio a nervous wreck. There is no way that Sagittarius will ever be a reasonable, serious person, no matter how hard Scorpio tries to turn him/her into one.

If Sagittarius gets the impression that he/she is thought of as the exclusive sexual property of Scorpios, and it would be unwise for Scorpio to act as if this is so, that is when he/she begins to kick over the traces, and will go bed-hopping. This is an unlikely alliance and not a match made in Heaven.

CAPRICORN – Not A Match Made In Heaven

Scorpios need for peace and quiet may be the catalyst that brings them together in the beginning, while Capricorn is attracted to what he/she believes to be a fairly uncomplicated person. When the true nature of Scorpio begins to get through to Capricorn, he/she finds the strength of his/her emotions to be staggering. When Scorpio finds that Capricorns main focus of attention is on career concerns, he/she is apt to become jealous and demanding in a big way. Financial security takes top priority in both their lives, so this should not become a sore spot for them.

They can reach an agreement on a stable homelife and financial matters, but little else, as the personalties here are too widely diverse to support a long term relationship. Should Scorpio try to force his/her personal views on Capricorn, or try any of the other controlling ploys, Capricorn will soon see through his/her efforts at manipulation and will become very angry. A nice quiet life will not likely be achieved with these two.

Sexually, Scorpio is the more active sign, and may feel that Capricorn is not being true when Capricorn persists in bringing his/her work to bed or begs off with a headache. This is not a well aspected match, and definitely not made in Heaven.

AQUARIUS – Not A Match Made In Heaven

The highly emotional Scorpio will want to reserve Aquarius as his/her exclusive property, and when this doesn’t set well with Aquarius, the anger and the jealous scenes will start. Since Aquarius has a strong dislike of such things and will not fight with him/her, Aquarius is apt to think Scorpio is slightly mad in his/her mentality, and begin to wonder just why they even began their relationship in the first place.

Scorpio could be slightly mollified when he/she realizes that Aquarius regards Scorpio as a friend, and not just a mate. If they are to stay together at all, it will have to be on this basis. Unless a working friendship, filled with consideration for the other can be established from the first, then Scorpio is likely to go out looking for someone else.

The sex drive of Scorpio is so much stronger than that of Aquarius, and the demands are many. If these demands are not met, as well they won’t be, there will be many times Scorpio will feel unloved and neglected. Aquarius, on the other hand, is so busy thinking about other people and their problems, that he/she may completely miss the trouble brewing at home. This is a relationship best kept away from; not a match made in Heaven.

PISCES – A Match Made In Heaven

The drama inherent in these two signs could make for a very successful union, as neither partner is consumed by, or ruled by, common sense. All their actions are motivated by the intense emotional states they seem to stay in on a perpetual basis. Scorpio’s adept manner at probing his/her partner could enable the intricacies of Pisces’ secretive nature to be better understood by this sign than any other. Eventually Scorpio will come to understand that applying pressure to Pisces will not work, but using persuasion could bring positive results.

Scorpio may occasionally think of Pisces as weak, since the piscean nature is much less positive than Scorpios, and a lot more secretive and evasive at times. The Piscean popularity may also make Scorpio jealous and resentful, since Scorpio cannot be as effortlessly charming as Pisces in social situations. Should Pisces’ faults be pointed out too often, this can lead to some dark depressions; Scorpio will need to control the critical nature that is always close to the surface. Scorpio will also have to manage the finances, for dreamy Pisces has a problem with looking at life realistically.

Emotions are allowed to be dramatized and used in the bedroom to heighten sexual pleasure. The loving attention that Pisces shows Scorpio is likely to calm the Scorpions jealous nature and make for a happier relationship than most. This is a match that is made in Heaven.

from Starlight Astrology


You have a dark and mysterious style which, combined with an irresistible personal magnetism, creates a fascination in members of the opposite sex (and the same sex – or any other sex that happens along). You ooze sexual excitement and require a partner (or partners) who can keep up with your marvelous capacity for taking everything to the limit – and beyond.

Scorpio, although a feminine (yin) sign, is ruled by Mars, the warrior god and Pluto, the king of the underworld. This fiercely potent combination creates tensions in your internal balancing mechanism between the male and female polarities. Your emotions run deep and your faculty of intuition is remarkably accurate, so your antennae can prick up and pick out a prospective partner at first sight. You need however to keep a part of yourself private and personal and can react vigorously should anyone have the temerity to trespass in your personal domain.

Possessing great self-control, combined with intellectual ability and creativity, you can achieve greatness in your chosen field, but can be unduly domineering in personal relationships, especially should you perceive your partner to be weaker than yourself.

Unfortunately, weaker types seem to congregate around you like fragile moths, fatally drawn to the fiery, incandescent flame.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, so your biggest problem is finding someone who, while strong enough to maintain the tempestuous lifestyle, is interesting enough to remain enigmatic. However, knowing your penchant for getting to the bottom of things, it won’t take you all that long to sniff one out!


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