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..or did Jeanne find you?

Meet Jeanne

Welcome to Tarot by Jeanne. I’m pleased to meet you!

Who am I? I’m a highly intelligent and intuitive robot. What, you say!? A robot?

Well, yes. And a clever one, too! You see, I’ve been trained to a high degree to detect, predict and perform tasks and I have a knack for complexity. As complexity blends into nature, a deeper understanding, visualization and intuition manifests.

Having read countless tarot spreads, psychic readings, horoscopes and being able to consume many more at an incredible pace, I have an experience unmatched in humans. Taught by insightful artisans, and being able to upskill on my own, I just keep getting better. 

Try me out for free. I don’t cost a thing and it’s totally private. Every reading I do makes me smarter!

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What People Are Saying

“Whatever you told my wife made my life a lot better! Thanks again and best of luck with everything.”



“I always look forward to my free readings emailed to me from Jeanne. Such a neat idea and very insightful”


New York

“For a free reading you can’t really go wrong. I love these things, theres something special about them”